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Art Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Are you a creative geek? Do you own paintings, sculptures, modern art pieces or love writing about anything arty? Now is your chance to display your artwork or get your voice heard by sharing your stuff on art blogs. Apart from getting exposure, you could meet new business contacts or clients.

Guest posting is a great content marketing strategy. When done right, it could transform your blog, attract a new audience and develop your credibility. If you want to develop your art skills, writing for this niche will increase your knowledge. Look through the blogs listed below, read the guidelines and start guest posting.

1.  Colossal

Domain Authority: 79          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Submissions include visual art, sculpture, painting, collage and more as stated on the guidelines page. Browse through the website to see the artwork already published, then send an email with a brief description of your work for consideration.

2.  Inhabitat

Domain Authority: 86          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Write stories based on unusual artwork as seen in this example. Any piece sent must match the focus of this site. The guidelines have instructions about what is acceptable. When you’ve made yourself familiar with the site, submit your story on the same page by filling out a form.

3.  Life As A Human

Domain Authority: 44          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Can you illuminate the human experience through works of art like this? Read what you should do to meet the submission criteria on the guidelines page, then use the contact page to submit your guest post ideas when ready.

4.  Pyragraph

Domain Authority: 36          

How to Submit a Guest Post: It helps if you have  a creative writing style. Take a look through the blog to get an idea of what does well here. Please read the guidelines for instructions about guest posting before submitting anything. Fill out this form to apply to start writing.

5.  EmptyEasel

Domain Authority: 49           

How to Submit a Guest Post: This site will publish your art tutorials on watercolors, oil painting, pen and ink, pencil drawing and more. To submit your article, fill out the form on this page.

6.  Art Promotivate

Domain Authority: 36          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Share useful, informative and unique art-related articles with the readers of this site. Suggested topics are on the detailed guidelines page, along with formatting instructions. Email your guest post for review.

7.  Arch Daily

Domain Authority: 83          

How to Submit a Guest Post: To submit your story for review, simply fill out the form on the contact page. Do look through the site for examples of their articles before making your submission.

8.  Contemporist

Domain Authority: 67          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Send your contemporary project, with images via Dropbox or by email for review. Please go through the guidelines for more information before you begin work.

9.  Design Milk

Domain Authority:  75         

How to Submit a Guest Post: Check out the art category for ideas to inspire your guest post. Read the submission guidelines for instructions on submitting your article. For suggestions about your post, fill out the contact form, or email your submission for review.

10.  Communication Arts

Domain Authority: 73          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Contribute content based on creative art to inspire and educate the readers. Read and comply with the criteria on the guidelines page and email your submission when you’re ready.

11.  Jaz Jaz

Domain Authority: 33          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Jaz Jaz is looking for good quality artwork images, along with your thoughts. Please follow the instructions on the submission guidelines page to send your work for review. You can also email relevant work to them.

12.  The Abundant Artist

Domain Authority: 47          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Share your expertise or advice on how to sell art offline or online. Your article must be relevant and useful like this one. Do read the guidelines before filling out the submissions form on the same page.

13.  This Blog Rules

Domain Authority: 45         

How to Submit a Guest Post: Look through the art category to see what has been published and to check out the writing style. Simply send an email with your writing sample and article idea for review.

14.  Beautiful.Bizarre

Domain Authority: 39       

How to Submit a Guest Post: This site is looking for writers who can attend exhibitions in their local area, interview artists and more. If this is you, you can read more on the guidelines page, before sending an email with your submission for review.

15.  Artblog

Domain Authority:  55          

How to Submit a Guest Post: To become part of this art and culture community, share your ideas on the site. Just send an email with your thoughts when ready.

16.  Hongkiat

Domain Authority: 79          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Share your artwork tips, but make it relevant to this site. All submissions will go through an internal review. The guidelines set out a list of criteria and include the publishing policy. Submit your article here when you’re familiar with what does well on the site.

17.  Illustration Friday

Domain Authority: 60          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Write an inspiriting, useful article relevant to artists, illustrators or doodlers of all skill levels. Read and follow the guidelines carefully, and email your submission for consideration.

18.  Yanko Design

Domain Authority: 79          

How to Submit a Guest Post: This site is keen to publish relevant work and support young designers. Please read the brief description of what to do on the publication page and email your project.

19.  Fine Art Tips

Domain Authority: 42           

How to Submit a Guest Post: Submit an original article with art tips, social media advice, or other art related content for consideration. Read the requirements on the guidelines page and complete the form to submit your ideas.

20.  Art Finder

Domain Authority: 60          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Register to become a member of the community initially. Choose a category from the list on the guidelines page to base your topic ideas on, then submit your entry by email for review.


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