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Announcing the 30-Day Cold Pitching Challenge

30-day cold pitching challenge

I’ve been a freelance writer for about a decade now, and I’ve been teaching people how to make a living writing for about eight years.

While I’ve achieved quite a bit within this period, one of the achievements I am most proud of is the success of the Earn Your First $1,000 as a Freelance Writer challenge that I launched four years ago.

The goal of the challenge was simple: I’ll act as a beginner in an entirely different niche, with a pseudonym and without using my network or existing resources, and go from ZERO to my first $1,000 in two months. Most importantly, I’ll publicly document the process as well as success/failure of the challenge so that others can follow along.

Thousands of people excitedly followed the challenge, and not only did I exceed the challenge goal of earning my first $1,000 (as a complete beginner) in just 47 days, but hundreds of people who followed along got amazing results.

A lot of success stories emerged from that challenge:

  • Tolulope Ajiboye kickstarted her freelance writing career and now writes for Fortune 500 companies that include Pfizer, Stryker, and JP Morgan Chase and has written for major publications that include NBCNews,, and The Guardian.
  • Richard Rhys Rowlands, who was an ESL teacher at the time, got to his first $1,000 as a freelance writer in the pet industry in 53 days and quit his job within a year of participating in the challenge.
  • Nick Darlington went from charging $15 per article to charging as much as $500+ per article and starting (a popular blog for non-native English freelance writers that launched based on a partnership involving four people who connected through the challenge).
  • Nicholas Godwin who, like many, got started online due to being sold the dream of “building a website” to make money, spent countless hours learning HTML to build his first website, only to realize that making money online is not that simple… finally has a stable freelance writing career. He got two clients within two weeks of participating in the challenge and now routinely earns four figures and has had repeated five figure months since.

There are so many amazing success stories of people who joined the challenge and have since kickstarted their freelance writing career and now routinely earn a four figure (or sometimes five figure) monthly income.

More importantly, the challenge helped me come to an important realization: there is an overabundance of ideas out there, but very little action being taken.

And you only get results when you take action.

The public nature of the challenge, the group structure used that forces public accountability, and the fact that there is a time limit pushed many of those who joined to get results quickly.

History is about to be repeated… this time around with a 30-day cold pitching challenge:

Starting today, July 1st, 2020, I will be running a 30-day cold pitching challenge and I’m inviting you to join along.

This challenge will be public and transparent (within limits) in the following ways:

  • I will be revealing my techniques, methods, and successes publicly on the blog and in the Writers in Charge group.
  • I will only be sharing the broad niche I’m doing the challenge in at the start of the challenge (I won’t be sharing the “exact” niche until after the challenge concludes — while I’ve done this in the past, it’s been clear that with some reverse engineering people have gotten in touch with the exact same clients I’m working with).
    I will only share the exact/specific niches I selected once the challenge has been concluded. If you’re interested in a list of niches that are actually working during this COVID-19 pandemic, you should get my COVID-19 Freelance Writing course (you get 33 percent off by using the coupon “30DAYCHALLENGE” at checkout).
  • I will be making weekly updates about my progress with the challenge. I will also publish other cold pitching related content throughout the challenge period; in other words, I will be dedicating the period of the challenge to publishing content and resources that can help you be more successful at cold pitching.
  • I’m targeting a five figure income as a result of the challenge.

That said, the challenge will be running for 30 days (excluding non-working days such as Saturdays and Sundays) that starts today July 1st and ends August 11. That’s 30 working days!

So, how do you join the challenge?

1. Join the challenge related newsletter by signing up through the form on this page or all over the site about the 30-day cold pitching challenge. You will get relevant updates and resources related to the challenge mainly through this newsletter.

2. Join the Writers in Charge Facebook group to be a part of a community of thousands of freelance writers who are also doing the challenge and are willing to support you and answer your questions should you need help or get stuck.

Successful freelance writers such as Richard Rhys Rowlands and Amos Onwukwe have expressed a willingness to partner with a beginner to offer guidance and support during this challenge (this is worth SO MUCH. If you get the opportunity to be mentored and guided by a successful freelance writer with years of experience, jump at it!). Nick Darlington says he’s thinking about it, but I REALLY hope he says yes as well. And I’m sure other successful freelance writers in the group would want to help.

Regardless, you need to be in the group to get this opportunity — so don’t hesitate and join now. It’s a private group and you can only join by being invited or by requesting an invite — and most legitimate invites are approved pretty quickly.

The group will also be used for a lot more in the future, including for other freelance writing challenges, opportunities for freelance writers, and other stuff related to the Writers in Charge brand.

Free up your calendar and get ready to work. Like was the case with the last challenge, if you join this challenge and follow my methods exactly, you will be getting results. But you MUST work!

I’ll be sharing the challenge strategy in the next update, but make sure you sign up to the newsletter for the challenge to make sure you don’t miss out on the strategy and necessary challenge-related updates.

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