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The Newbie’s Guide to Writing Amazing Blog Posts

This is a guest post by John Gibb

If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don’t write, because our culture has no use for it.” – Anais Nin

Are you a freelance writer looking to blog for an awesome living?

Then you need to learn the “proper way” of writing amazing blog posts…

For now, let’s skip the biggest dilemma most people get stuck with [I’m not a good writer] and the so-called [I don’t have enough time.]

If you know how to talk, then you already know how to write. Writing is talking, and talking is writing. This does NOT require you to be a genius wordsmith.

In simple terms, writing AMAZING blog posts means you have to…

Step #1. GAIN the attention of your ideal prospect

Your prospect has to be highly interested in (or passionate about) the subject you’re writing on and be the most likely to read what you have to say.

 Step #2. SHARE the exact (red-hot) information he or she is looking for and deliver more than they expect to receive.

 Step #3. CHALLENGE readers to learn more from you

Your resource box (the hook at the end of your article) is ideal for getting the prospect to:

  • Join your awesome mailing list
  • Read more similar blog posts
  • Buy your e-course or download something of interest.

An amazing blog post starts with a HOT title

When crafting a hot title, you don’t have to load it with hype or big claims, unless you can back it up with solid PROOF.

If I would have had a proven system which allowed me to write amazing blog posts in under 7 minutes, then my article’s title would have been turned into something like this…

“How to Write Amazing Blog Posts in 7 Minutes or Less”

That wouldn’t sound like hype, right?

Your title should have one GOAL

Stimulating viewers to click and read your introduction (first paragraph).

Imagine: your title competes not just with other titles on the same page, but also with the entire content on the blog (banners and images, navigational menus, sidebars). So you better get people to click, or simply stay invisible.

Why do you think the cover sells books?

Think of your title as the cover of a book. Its mission is to get the eye-balls and teleport the book into people’s hands. Call that magical eye-candy.

How to Write Stirring Introductions

Write to hold attention. Write with flow. First of all, it’s less about writing and more about “listening” to your audience.

How can you hear what your readers want if you’re not paying attention to them?

Research plays the same role in writing as the keyboard to a computer. You cannot grab attention with a lame title, just as you cannot keep the flow with a silly or general introduction.

Notice my intro. It has a quote, and then a question. You wouldn’t be here reading this if it didn’t work, right? I just didn’t just throw that in. I did my homework and found out about you. You’re the exponent of a target audience who is not a master writer. In fact, you are called a newbie within this industry.

Yet, you’re dreaming about writing awesome blog posts that pay dividends. You cannot resist that temptation. You have a strong desire for the topic.

Get this right! Research means you have to gather (a bit more or lots of) insight and knowledge about your topic than most industry people, including both your main target audience and competitors.

This goes to show another TRUTH:

Writing blog posts has less to do with blogs and blogging, and more to do with spending time where your audience spends time. It’s about understanding their:

  • Basic wants and needs (what they want to attain in the present or near future.)
  • Most pressing problems and challenges (that they’re currently struggling with.)
  • Biggest dreams and whispers (what they believe in or want to.)

These can be recognized or not. Your mission is to find out about them and relate to them in your content, in a way that has never been done before, especially if you want to make a difference…

Who wouldn’t want to stand out? Who wouldn’t want to write with impact?

Then you have to gather insight into your target audience and learn not only how people consume information nowadays, but also what they buy, and why they’re doing it.

Get the most RELIABLE and UP-TO-DATE information you can about…

  • What they are reading/not reading (books, blogs, magazines)
  • What they are watching & listening too/not watching & listening too (movies, music, TV, online)
  • What they are eating/not eating (drinks, snacks, sweets, salads, meat)
  • What they are buying/not buying (subscriptions, gadgets, luxury items, vacations, clothes)
  • Where and what they are buying (offline, online; cars, homes, services)
  • Where they are travelling and the reason why (leisure, business, family, medical issues)

The best way to gather all this information:

1. The Internet: You won’t believe the abundance of free and premium tools already available.

What counts is to go with the few that fit your market, and budget. Then get the most out of them, fast. Snooze and you lose.

2. The library: Some books and information can only be found there, free or low-cost.

Armed with this information, and considering you now know how to present it (verbally and in written form) – you already know more than your prospect and competitors. Writing it down and articulating the most important ideas in new ways and forms better than others will be your BIGGEST advantage.

Your writing doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs a boost!

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.” – Ernest Hemingway.

John Gibb is a top affiliate in the health industry and guest post enthusiast. Download his free super affiliate handbook: “The Road to Success” ($197 VALUE) and learn how he was able to generate 109 sales in a single day.

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14 Comments on "The Newbie’s Guide to Writing Amazing Blog Posts"

  1. Wow this such an elaborate list of details, informations, and places for any write to start improving. You really pushed some hot buttons with this post of offering hot titles, to researching, and target your audience.

    I really like what your talking about following and find the information that your targeted audience are reading, eating, and purchasing.

    It kind of reminds me of what I shared a while back here:

    I feel that it’s really important to focus on your niche through nailing down your target audience. I even heard it once shared like this. Act like your sitting across drinking coffee with your ideal audience. Start what do they like, what are they drinking, talking about, and searching.

    Great post and thanks for sharing,


    • John Gibb says:

      hi Eric

      I’m glad you like the post so much! I feel your enthusiasm through your words 🙂

      I like your “what is” keyword research approach; great idea, by the way!

      Research is not really something we can learn from books, but through practice, active listening to our audience, and surveying readers…

      How are you doing this? Is there a particular method or tool are you using to effectively gather value-driven audience data?

  2. dan says:

    Hi John,

    You really hit the nail here… The amazing thing about this post is that, it’s short, and yet concise. Straight on point!!!!!!!

    I’m going to apply your tips to work. I believe it’d work for me


  3. Sanju says:

    Good post..i am thinking to start a blog too..but before that i am doing some research..i found some great articles on your blog…good work

  4. Joe Boyle says:

    Overall, keep adding value to the post. Make sure that the content is helping the reader in every way possible. Put in as much information as they could possibly need, think through every little problem they could have… For all intents and purposes, you are basically their guide to getting from point A to point B. What will they need? Tell them.

    Add in a ton of value and your article will be great. You achieved that here. Keep up the great work!

  5. Karlon says:

    A wonderful and eye catchy title as well as a ggod start to the artcile will surely fetch it a number of readers. This is the best way to start with a post. Good content can also be written with the help of variety of books and magazines. Good titles can be formed easily if the writer’s vocabulary is strong enough.

  6. Mariya says:

    Beginner bloggers are often afraid of the new blogging tools and features available to them. Don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things on your blog. Know Your Audience, Be Consistent. Yopu have provided some good tips, thanks for sharing.

  7. Lee says:

    I have just started a blog as a bit of fun only just started but am finding it quite addictive. I enjoyed playing with the site make up and stuff now is the hard bit making it a success.some great tips will check out some of your other posts.

    Thanks lee

  8. Lee says:

    Just one thing if I write a post then read it a week later and then change it does that effect anything or can you just add too and change bits in your posts when you want??????

    Await reply lee

    • John Gibb says:

      hey Lee,

      yes, you can edit the post at anytime… some bloggers (even the big blogs) update their content from time to time (when needed or required)

  9. Kamrun says:

    A very best guide for beginners. Very informative, helpful article, thank you so much for the research and effort that went into preparing this. I was just preparing to write an article about necessary components for writing great blog posts for my clients & this blog will really help me.

    • John Gibb says:


      I guess good things come on time! 🙂

      Maybe you could share the link with your audience, and expand the topic?


  10. Sam says:

    This is great! I’m giving a presentation on blogging at my library, and I’m going to include this link on my handout — I think this post gives good information, and is going to be really helpful for anyone who’s just starting to write their Amazon blog.

  11. John Gibb says:

    hi Sam.

    I’m glad to hear that. Thank you for giving credit, where due, and maybe I can help further?


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