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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Making Money Online From Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing for beginnersOne question I am asked regularly by people who are amazed by my rate of success online is “Who is my teacher?“, “Which online course/training did I join?” e.t.c. and I have always replied them with “none!“.

…It used to be none, but it is no longer none.

If you do read blogs, especially in the make money online and blogging niche, you will have heard the words “mini site“, “niche site“, “niche marketing” etc. several times. I have heard these words several times and I know how profitable niche marketing is (at least Glen makes tens of thousands of dollars from it monthly) but I have always thought and believed I just couldn’t make this work for me, this is so difficult, I can’t write any content outside of blogging, I don’t have enough time e.t.c and every other silly excuse every other person will give.

But…something happened!

I have been a long-term reader of Corbett Bar’s Think Traffic and I am a huge believer in Him. If you still can’t get my point or you don’t know who Corbett is then you can read his July traffic report to see how much traffic he got to his blog in July (his blog is only 4 months).

It was only on the 10th of this month (August 2010) that Corbett announced on his blog that He will be releasing his affiliate marketing for beginners online course, being a huge believer of his work I knew that was my opportunity. I decided to sign up for his course (@ $77) and I am now happy I did.

The Course Helped Me Overcome My Fears

If you know me very well you will know I am no beginner to affiliate marketing or making money online and when it comes to SEO I will say I am better than average.

Getting backlinks or traffic to my niche site isn’t my problem, what was my problem was the concept on its own, I needed to see someone who has gone through all the process and I could ask anytime I need help and I am also confused by the process of finding a profitable niche etc but when I got into Corbett’s membership site I was amazed at how simple everything was, it was as if I was learning abc – the guy is a good teacher!.

How Would You Benefit?

Just take a look at all the posts on this blog and you will discover I hardly review or tell you to buy anything except I find it to be of great value. Corbett’s training program has been of great value and here are what you will learn from his system.

1. How to Choose a Niche

2. How to Know if Your Chosen Niche is profitable

3. How to Find Top and Low Competitive keywords in Your Niche

4. How to Get Your Niche Site Ranked and Indexed

5. How to Choose Top and Highly Converting Products to Promote

And many More…

Here is a screenshot of the course content, I mean what the course covers (taken directly from the membership site).

Another great news is that there is a big community over there and you surely will see some of your major concerns addressed.

What Else is Better Than Examples?

What even made Corbett’s course great was how he used about two example sites of his own making hundreds of dollars monthly. If you’re confused then there is no excuse because seeing how everything looks from his own sites is enough for you to be successful with yours.

affiliate marketing for beginners

No More Excuse!

Blogging is not the only way to make money online and in fact, you don’t need to have a blog to make money online. Affiliate marketing is one of the best and easiest ways to make money online and this course simplifies it, it is dirty cheap at the cost of $77 for the course only and at $97 for the deluxe package.

The best option for you is to get started and begin to make money online, you will come back to thank me for this!

Get Started!

You can get started by clicking on the link below, it is an affiliate link but you should trust me, I will only recommend what I think is of benefit to you.


Over To You!

Are you a member of this course? How has the journey been so far? Feel free to share this post on your favorite social bookmarking and networking sites!

24 Comments on "Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Making Money Online From Affiliate Marketing"

  1. Tinh says:

    Great article and it must be very useful for all bloggers, not only beginners. Thanks

  2. Lye Kuek Hin says:

    Hi Oni,

    Very nice review. I have been hearing a lot about niche sites. I have visited think traffic and the posts that Corbett roll out is awesome. I will consider to take up the course if i have the budget.

    • That will really be great Lye,

      The course is a great one and I have learned (and I am still learning) a lot from it.

  3. says:

    Hi Onibalusi
    The course must be great which you have started included great points.I will share it on twitter,stumbleupon and facebook as well.

    • Cool Abishek,

      I see you have already done that 🙂

      Thanks a lot!

  4. michael says:

    Hi Oni

    Yet another resourceful post. I am venturing into niche marketing so this is very timely.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Cool Michael,

      Let me know how everything goes 🙂

      • You have written perfect guide for new affiliate marketers, your step by step points are really helpful. Thanks.

  5. Alan Mater says:

    Hi Oni,

    Affiliate marketing is certainly a good path to go for anyone wanting to make money on the internet. Sounds like Corbett’s course would be very useful for both beginner and experienced marketers alike. Thanks for sharing.

    • Exactly Alan,

      Corbett’s course is useful for both and I was so amazed with the simplicity of the course.

  6. Samuel says:

    Great post bro! thanks for sharing. for now i don’t have the budget but before September i pray i should be able to sign up because i would love to give it a try! thanks bro!

    • Great Bro,

      You might want to give it a try when you have the budget – it rocks!

  7. Hi Onibalusi! Yes, i believe that you will only recommend something that you think is benefit to the readers. May i know how the course to be carried out? Via email? Thanks!

    • Great Kok,

      The course is carried out in a membership site. You will be able to choose your username and password with which you will be able to view the course content.

      What do you think?

  8. Kharim says:

    Nice step by step bro, thanks

    • Great Bro,

      Glad you loved it!

      • Sara Alexandra says:

        This is very interesting without doubt you’re very skilled writer. Very particularly informative and efficiently post I’m really satisfied after reading this post. Keep it up boss.

  9. SteveQQ says:

    great info Oni, very useful stuff. Keep it up!


  10. says:

    Hello all,

    Your follow up approach is brilliant and outstanding . I like your potential abilities .



  11. Munna says:

    The course covers the basics things, thinking of giving it a try. Good post though

  12. Tom @ Confidential Insider Strategies says:

    Love your blog and this information you posted.

    You know a lot about it which helps me in my on line progress.

    Many Thanks

  13. cropped denim jacket says:

    I am also great fan of thinktraffic and I know this will be surely great affiliate course

  14. Trung Nguyen @ Starting a Blog says:

    It’s really useful for me, especially is the step to start affiliate marketing, thanks for sharing 🙂


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