At ‘Writers in Charge’ our philosophy is that you, the writer, should be in charge – not your client or anybody/anything else, but you.  Our only goal here at this blog is to help you become the person in charge. Every content released here will be focused on helping you achieve this goal.

This blog has been founded and is run by Bamidele Onibalusi and a team of writers from different parts of the world.


Bamidele Onibalusi headshotBamidele Onibalusi is a freelance writer from Nigeria who has been writing for a living since 2010.

He has been featured in Forbes, interviewed in Digital Journal, been featured in Millionaire Magazine in Italy and on several popular blogs online. You can see all his media features here.

He started this blog in April 2010 (as YoungPrePro.com) and re-branded it as WritersinCharge.com in March 2013. He runs this blog with the Writers in Charge team.


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3 replies on “About”

Febap Liew | BlogXicsays:

hey onibalusi,
your story about yourself made me believe even more that if we set out heart to it, nothing is impossible.
it is very inspiring to know that you did not thought of giving up when you found out you were on the wrong direction during your initial start. I believe that in whatever we are trying to achieve, not giving up is the greatest attribute everyone should cultivate in them.Who has never come across failure? everyone does. It whether you stand back up and fight will provide you with answers to success.

anyway, i will be keeping watch on your blog. =)
keep it up.
have a good day

Onibalusi Bamidelesays:

Hi Febap,

Yeah! That is true.

You have seen nothing – stay tuned for more.

Thanks a lot for the nice comment,

Your mother is a rare gem,don’t forget her as you climb.
What actually stunned me about your site was the statistics of your site,It is strikingly amazing.
I have some questions to ask you but I ‘ll do that through other mediums,congratulations.