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A Bloggers Guide to A/B Testing and Higher Conversions on Your Site

AB split testingThis guest post is by Robin

I recently asked 5 upcoming bloggers what their top 3 priorities were for 2011 and surprisingly not one mentioned to me A/B testing or any other form of conversion testing. I’m consistently amazed at how many people work so hard to get traffic to their site and then ignore what happens to those visitors once they get to their site. It’s like getting customers in to your shop then ignoring them, getting visits to your site really is only the halfway point.

What is A/B testing and why would I want to do it?

A/B testing does exactly what the name suggest, it tests one version of a webpage (or an element of a webpage) against another comparing the results from version A to version B so you can find which is the most effective. For example if you are hoping to have more people subscribing to your RSS feed or newsletter then you could compare one form against another. As for why you would want to A/B test I’d really ask why wouldn’t you want to? If you currently get 1,000 visits to your blog and this results in 50 sign ups each month to your newsletter who wouldn’t want to try and increase conversions by 50% and get 75 sign ups per month which may be much easier than trying to generate an additional 500 visits to get those extra customers.

How can I run these tests and is it expensive?

Thankfully basic A/B testing is relatively straight forward to run using Google’s Web Optimizer which is free to sign up to and is a great tool to get you on your way to higher conversions and a more successful blogging career! Google’s Web Optimizer tool is easier to use than you might think and could make a huge difference to the success of your blog so I strongly recommend you go and have a look at it if you haven’t already.

Where can I learn more about A/B testing and more advance conversion testing?

If you have never done any form of conversion testing before then A/B testing is a great place to start given it’s relatively simple to do and can be achieved using Google’s free tool. However if you want to learn more about A/B testing then have a read of the Maxymiser guide to A/B testing you can also learn more about the more advanced types of testing such as multivariate testing over at the Maxymiser website.

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12 Comments on "A Bloggers Guide to A/B Testing and Higher Conversions on Your Site"

  1. Hi Oni/Robin
    This is so important. We are so absessed about out product or business that we start feeling that once we are able to send a million to the page almost 50% of them will subscribe and the next morning you wake up you will be a guru. That just doesnt happen!! If we are not able to convert the traffic on page we will never be able to reap the ton of effort we do offpage.

  2. Alex Humphrey says:

    Wow, I didn’t know Google had an option for free A/B testing! I have not A/B tested in the past because I have always had to put money into other things, but now that I can do it for free I’m going to A/B test all the time! lol

    Thanks for this, it helps a lot!

  3. Robin – Interesting post. I agree that A/B testing is hugely important, but I’m also guilty of putting it off in favor of “more important” activities.

    That said, do you have any tips for split testing with WordPress? I like Google’s Website Optimizer for HTML sites, but have trouble using it to do little tweaks on my blog sites.

  4. Gerald says:

    Great Job Robin,
    I am hearing more and more the importance of split testing. That’s definitely on my radar.

  5. ikenna says:

    Nicely explained Oni,
    I’ve heard about A/B testing before both didn’t give it much consideration. Will have to dig into it.
    Thanks for sharing..

  6. Nico Julius says:

    Robin, this is very interesting what you write here. I’m a beginning blogger and A/B testing is also not in my priority list for 2011. I understand you write “it’s like getting people to your shop and then ignoring them”. But the web is like a street full of shops next to each other, and for me (and I think I’m not alone) it’s already a real challenge to get people in to our shop. It’s also very time consuming, and that’s why for me A/B testing is not on the priority list. First I want good content and attract enough visitors. And then I’ll try to convert my visitors into clients.

  7. kays jewelers says:

    I think it is good to work for A/B testing as for online line progress it is very essential.

  8. Kevin Kimes says:

    Split testing is hugely important in the world of making money online, but perhaps a bit less in blogging than other methods.

    As a site gains more traffic, the importance of split testing increases.

    When you’re brand new, getting just a few visitors in a day, then you should focus on content creation and traffic generation.

    As your traffic goes up, the need for split testing also increases. For a well established blog getting thousands of visitors, I would say split testing becomes nearly as important as traffic. I would say 60/40.

    If your blog reaches the top echelons of traffic numbers, then split testing can become equally important, 50/50.

    It’s also important to remember, though, to not split test too much. A consistent user experience is also important to retaining visitors.

    • Extreme John says:

      I totally agree. Split testing is indeed a very helpful way to increase conversions to our sites, it would not be that effective for newly created blogs which are not yet well established. In this situation, traffic generation would be the most suitable choice.

  9. Lexmark toner cartridges says:

    A/B testing is important in PPC for you to know what landing page/ad copy/ad position is converting well.

  10. single beds with storage says:

    Oni interesting post on AB testing. I am going to do that test on my blog as well

  11. wilson says:

    I didn’t know that google has this function!Thanks for sharing!


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