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7 days challenge #2

Setting up challenges for oneself is one great way to achieve more, learn new things and perfect yourself.

I started challenging my self two weeks ago, I will hold a particular challenge for myself, write about it on my blog so that I will dedicate myself more to it and the result is increase in traffic and many other benefits. Last week’s challenge was writing 21 guest posts for 7 days, today’s challenge will be gearing towards the SEO benefits. We should not underestimate the search engines, I need more links to rank better so this time’s 7 days challenge will be submitting my blog to 700 web directories.

I will be submitting my blog to 100 directories for 7 days, after which I will see how the result will be.

I know some SEO’s reading this post might say I want to incur the wrath of google because the number of links I get will be too much; The directories will not approve my submissions the same day, this will be consistent for 7 days and my blog has an authority in Google.

Well, there is little we can say without trying, so lets see how everything works.

BONUS: After the challenge, I will give you all a list of all the directories I submitted to.

PS: This challenge has been great and I am also challenging you all to start the same on your blogs, we are not perfect so don’t expect accurate results and don’t expect your readers to think you are somehow. just give it a trial and see how it works.

I have used directory submission to help a Website lock the #1 spot for a two words competitive keyword and I also used it to help the same website get pagerank 3 in the last update, don’t underestimate the power of directory submissions. What do you think about this? I will like to hear your opinions.

PS: I want to release a post about the ultimate guide to getting website traffic where I will be outlining as many possible ways to get traffic to your blog, you can see the post here (get blog traffic) to express your opinion so that I add it to my list.

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3 Comments on "7 days challenge #2"

  1. Thanks for sharing your awesome information as expert. In my opinion if only all blogger offered the same content as you, the internet would be a much better place. Please keep it up! Cheers.

    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:


      Thanks a lot for your nice comment,

  2. Cheap flights for military says:

    Oni. I hope you did well in your challenge


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