Contest: Win $500 in Cash by Giving Your Idea

PS. The contest is now over, so no more entries can be allowed. All the ideas submitted were great, and I’m now working with my designer to create 2 – 3 different characters based on the winning ideas. The WritersinCharge audience will soon have to vote the best idea for us to determine the winner.

I’ll be updating this post once the winner is decided!

UpdateI’ll also be enlisting help from the WritersinCharge audience in regards to the winning entry. My designer will work on the top ideas I chose, and everyone will have a chance to vote for the winning character.

A lot of changes are on the horizon for this blog. I can’t contain my excitement for what’s about to happen.

You’ll be finding out more about this in September, but I’m planning something I can’t resist telling you about right now as it is the subject of this contest.

I’m Starting a Freelance Writing Cartoon Series for WritersinCharge!

And I’ll give you $500 for an idea to make this a reality.

The structure of the payment is still currently uncertain, but depending on the responses I get, here are 3 ways I could go about it.

1. Give one person with the very best idea $500 in cash

2. Give one person with the very best idea $300, and the person with the next best idea $200 in cash

3. Give two people with the best ideas $250 each in cash

Note: The cartoon series won’t be replacing regular blog posts. Updates and new content will carry on as usual. The cartoon series will be introduced to spice things up and increase the overall quality of the blog for readers.

What the Contest Involves

Essentially, I’m making plans to revolutionize WritersinCharge and a huge part of that plan includes publishing writing cartoons every Wednesday.

Each cartoon will address a unique problem writers or freelance writers face and will mostly be developed around reader feedback.

The idea behind this is to make learning fun.

I won’t be designing the cartoons myself. I already have a professional designer who will do this. However, to make this work I have to bring in my own ideas.

This contest is about getting the best ideas to make the cartoon superb, attention grabbing and most importantly – inspiring!

Here’s what I already have in mind:

1. Design a character who the cartoon will be based on. I’m thinking of a kind of “freelance writing professor” (with big beards, glasses and all…) who addresses freelance-writing related concerns and gives actionable tips and advice in a funny but practical way.

2. I’m thinking of making the cartoons (for the first 3 Wednesdays in a month) – geared to answering reader questions. The 4th Wednesday’s cartoon will contain tips from me; mostly as a form of motivation or hard kick in the ass to get started.

3. The cartoons will be short; say, half the size of an A4 – or the size of an A4 at most.

I’m not experienced with cartoons and comics. In fact, I could easily count the number of cartoons I’ve read/watched since I was born, and while the cartoonist will do most of the work, I believe input from WritersinCharge readers will have a lot of impact.

For this very reason I’ll really appreciate it if you can give me your tips, advice and suggestion in shaping this cartoon series.

The contest isn’t for you to design the cartoon or even suggest the message to be used, but to give an idea on what you think will work best, and how you think the cartoons should be designed/positioned. Feel free to disregard what I have in mind as they aren’t concrete yet. This is about getting the best out there!

Who Can Participate?

Anyone and everyone can participate, whether you’ve been reading this blog for a year or just discovering it via this post today.

What matters most is the idea and how much impact it can add to this community.

Here’s the system I’ll use to judge which entries I think are the best ones:

  • A great idea and implementation strategy = 3 points
  • An actual example already online before to better illustrate your idea (it could be a link to a site or an image) = 2 points
  • Sharing this post on social media sites to get others to be involved = 1 point

I’ll be using the above outlined system to judge the entries and the more points you get the higher your chances of winning. I’ll also be getting help from my designer and others to ensure the best ideas are used.

This is all about adding value to the community and changing the lives of other freelancers, not just about the money to be won. At the same time, however, I think every good effort should be rewarded.

You can also participate no matter how old or young you are, and irrespective of where you’re from.

How to Participate

You can participate by commenting below (or sending me an email) with your ideas, implementation strategy and examples. If you also share this post on social media sites, you should include links to your status updates to get a bonus point.

It’s also okay to participate more than once; this is about getting the best ideas, and that idea might come to you just after you posted the first one. Feel free to post any ideas. All ideas from the same person will be counted as one…thereby increasing your chances of winning.

The payment for winning the contest will be sent via Paypal or Bank Transfer.

Fire away and let’s do this!

Not only do you have the chance to win up to $500, you’ll also be changing the lives of tens of thousands (potentially millions?) of writers from all over the world!


45 replies on “Contest: Win $500 in Cash by Giving Your Idea”

Saytue "Sayewhat"says:

Hey Oni,
I think that you could create a video with the cartoon illustrating the frustration of marketers (without words) , then revealing the solution (with words or the cartoon talking). it could be like a dialog via speaking at the end. This way, marketers can visualize the problem by seeing it, rather than just speaking about it. You know what they says, actions speak louder than words. Anyhoo, just my little two cent.

Megan J Wilsonsays:

I think this is a great idea. My idea would be to lean away from the writing professor, though, and maybe make the main character an unsuccessful or working freelancer. He/she would give advice that is VERY BAD, allowing your audience to be able to say “well, at least I’m not THAT bad! But I can certainly identify with this guy!” You could have cartoons where the freelancer is trying to work with the client and getting very frustrated. Kind of like Dilbert, but for freelancing, not engineering. A lot of the same ridiculous things apply. For instance: and Good luck!

Hey Oni, I think you’ve a great idea with your Cartoon contest. I wish you the very best and if you need some help with characters and style, check out They usually publish similar content.

Enjoy your day.

This is a cool and interesting dimension Oni. I would reach deep inwards and see what my creative instinct comes up with 🙂

$500 is 75,000 grands in Naira which is not bad 🙂

Keep up the good work sir

Hi Oni,
This is a cool contest. Okay so here’s what I have in mind:
You could make the major character a young guy, not maried. Probably a little goofy, with a larger than life computer.

The topic of each cartoon should be short and understandable. You could make it like those on “”. Though, instead of Freelance Freedom, you could make yours, “Writer’s Nightmare” (just a suggestion), followed by the subject matter of that cartoon session.
Readers’ questions could appear before the cartoon. The cartoon would then answer the question, not via direct dialogue (that’ll be boring) but via different actions the character takes. Translate the cartoon (answer the question) in your own words (2-3 short sentences), as a caption beneath the cartoon and not just ordinary blog text. Not everyone would get the message via the cartoon. You could do this for all your cartoons including the ones that give your “kick ass” writing tips.
They don’t have to be too large but should be clear enough. A few blocks of cartoon would be just right. I wouldn’t want to spend the bulk of my time reading a whole comic book as a blog post (even though I love comics).

And yeah, I like Ken’s idea.

Keep up the good work!

Awesome idea! The first thing that came to mind was Dilbert ( which I could really relate to when I was still in consulting work. I’d love to see comics about the freelance writing life now that I made the jump from corporate to freelancer. I was thinking the main character could be a newbie freelance writer who would get tips from a more experienced freelance writer (or from online forums, blogs, etc) and would try to apply it to his/her daily work or routine. Or the “freelance writer professor” could be like a fairy godfather type hovering around giving tips to the newbie. 😛

Anyway, good luck with the comics project! I’m looking forward to seeing it fly. I shared your post to get more ideas rolling! 🙂

Felix Albutrasays:

Wow Oni! You really are a genius. I can’t participate to this contest but I am very excited on the outcome of your great idea. Good luck buddy.

– Felix

Hey Oni,

What a great idea.

When I read your idea for the contest, two ideas came to mind. An editor of a blog, kind of like a 1940’s newspaper man, who answers the questions and gives tips to aspiring writers.

The other idea was one of those people you write into in a newspaper asking for advice, like a Dear Abby, and they respond to the question.

Also, I have been following your tips, and used them to help me bid on a project on Elance, and I had the winning bid.

All the best,


Sheyi | ivblogger.comsays:

Watching this page and hope to have fun.

I can’t participate but wish the best person with the best idea to win the price… why not $200, $150 and 3 people takes $50?


Oni I used to do drawings but now I don’t have experience regarding it…Can I just write tips related to how a freelance writer cartoon will look?I can imagine and write somethings related to the cartoon character…

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Yep, that will be cool!

Ok in few days I will write all my ideas and send you as email…I hope that you will have more of such contests in future too..Great work Onibalusi.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Awesome! I’ll be expecting it 🙂

Oh great,,,,

This is nice news for all and beside that this is nice time to prove your skills in front of all and you should try to do your 100% best.

A comic about freelancers will be funny but already saw one on Freelance Swicth. (Freelance Freedom)

I know somebody that will win this contest because he has been having fun with the blog terms TRAFFIC and CONTENT. When I came back from my travel two weeks ago, he said to me “I know you do not have enough traffic in your blog, now that you are back in Mumbai, you can see traffic everywhere, check all the major roads”.

Hi Oni,
I feel really excited about this idea and I hope I can help. I am French and maybe you don’t know but cartoons are just HUGE in France. In fact they are so popular that now there is a whole new trend of cartoon bloggers, and we call their blogs “Blogs BD” (BD stands for Bande Dessinée, ie. cartoons). What happened is that a few years ago, some cartoonists started to draw their life, one story a day, nothing flash, and slowly people started being addicted to them, me included. Then these people eventually published a book with all the drawings from their blogs, a bit like some writers do with their blogs by eventually publishing on Kindle. There are now hundreds of them, I even had my own at some point, and you can find plenty of different styles.

So back to your idea, I think it would be much more interesting if the character was YOU. Since readers usually like to read stories about the blogger they follow, just tell real stories that happened to you (I assume you’re no superman and did encounter some issues in your writing career), make them entertaining but turn them as a lesson.

If you want to answer questions from your readers you still can, and see if something related happened to you. But I would rather do something from your own experience, and then maybe once a month answer a question. What you can do then is have the character read a letter or pick up the phone, then talk directly to the person who asked the question. This way you could also dedicate the cartoon to them and send them a print version? (thinking outside the box there).

So if you want some inspiration, here you go. You can find a list of French Blogs BD on this website: Have a look and see for yourself for ideas. My favorites are these ones:

Penelope Jolicoeur: She writes about her every day life, but also problems she faces as a cartoonist/illustrator.

Vie de Merde: On this website people just post crappy stories that happen to them, and some are illustrated:

Pacco: Paco draws all about being the father of his young daughter Maé, and his experiences as a cartoonist.

About the format I would have it long like an infographic, not necessarily contained in boxes like the traditional marvels. See if you can get the French touch 🙂

I hope this was useful, and again, I think it would be just perfect if it was you.

Jarod Onlinesays:

Well you’re always talking about taking action and telling us what other things we could be doing instead of slacking around, so maybe you could start a cartoon series about 2 people. One guy goes through a common trouble as a freelance writer, and the other guy goes through the advice you gave him. The idea would basically be about “what if you did THIS, instead of that?”. For example, guy 1 would be going through loads of work to make a satisfying paycheck each month, and guy 2 would be going through less work each month with the clients that pay him more… you could make this scenario about the 20/80 rule you talked about with being a blogger once (I don’t remember the post name, but I think you used it about being a blogger once).

And speaking of “taking action,” you said something about questions from the readers. Well how about a cartoon based on people’s question and the scenarios they would typically go through? It could basically be about empathy and how they could overcome that with a quote or tip that would come from all the blog posts you’ve ever wrote or famously practiced. It’s the same as the other one above, except it’s more about sharing people’s questions visually and in a way they could relate. Ya know?

What a great idea! I love it! This is an excellent way to break up the sometimes monotonous pace and add some spice to an already excellent blog. I can’t wait to see the outcome of the contest.

Hi Oni. This is a fantastic idea. I’ve sent you an email.

Hi Oni, this is an excellent contest! I think the main cartoon characters should be along the lines of MTV’s Daria character and/or really spice it up with characters like Huey Freeman & Riley Freeman from the Boondocks cartoon. In my opinion the cartoon should highlight reader questions and perhaps feature reader comments and responses in the cartoon from previous posts. Ideally turning reader’s into guest cartoons {based on their comments or questions} would be very fun and an interesting way to engage readers weekly.

Example online of Daria character:

Example online of Huey & Riley Freeman characters:

Link to tweet I shared about this contest:

Thanks again for such a great contest. Looking forward to the cartoons 🙂

This is great, I got a couple of good ideas and will share with you via email. I like this idea of improving blog quality with an unique series of articles and all the best Oni.

Justice Otuyasays:

my idea would be an undergraduate student with a rickety laptop, trying to make money online while forsaking his books and will always eventually get scammed. this is just to help us show us that although the internet is a big world where money can be made, but it should be threaded with caution… at least it will go a long way in teaching people about how to use the internet to make legitimate money through legitimate means. this i think is inline with the whole young pre pro ideal

tracy collinssays:

Hi Oni, this is great contest that you started!I think with your knowledge in freelance writing and blogging that you have achieved in this business.The idea that i have in mind about this contest,i think that it is totally awesome.And the idea is that you should have the cartoonist draw you as the main cartoon character for your blog.And your cartoon name should be ” Professor Oni “And have other cartoon characters join you in the community section on your blog asking you questions about freelance writing and about blogging in general.You can call the segment ” ASK ONI ” And you will give the answers with your expertise.It should be all about knowledge and people power like here at Where your voice should be heard and your opinion should matter.And also Ashley is absolutely right the cartoon should highlight reader questions and perhaps feature reader comments and responses in the cartoon from previous posts.Basicly turning readers into guest cartoons {based on their comments or questions} would be very fun and an interesting way to engage readers weekly.

When it comes to illustrating with Image online it should be very short and simple.

It shoul be distraction free; that is, every right and left gadget should be removed in order to make it look nice and different.
It should be illustration that will contain the normal webpage that readers will not have to scroll down before they conclude the reading; it will be land scape preferably, even if the reader will have to scroll it should not be to see another complete illustration.
All the illustrations should be in one direction, that is; left to right or right to left but I believe left to right facing the screen is the best.

It can be inform of Episode Drama: If it will be inform of episode Drama then story must be created round the image in advance of at list 3 weeks or 6 week, each episode with topic.
A complete sub-domain may be developed for it under youngprepro – that one will be dedicated for Cartoon stuff.

It should address human character that affect there Freelance Writing Career (Bad Character in general since the goal is to train newbie’s better): Characters like: Fear of Increasing Pay, Writers Block (character behind this things) even on writer’s block alone it could take 3 episodes to Address all issues.

It could be like a Freelance Writer’s Group:
In that group they will share knowledge and experience the difficulties they are had faced and how they proffers solution to them.
One of the members may ask a question about his current problem and answers will be provided by the club member.
The club member may just be five (5) and after one or two weeks 2 or three new member will join them. In the future someone might traveled and they will be less in number. By increasing and decreasing the numbers of the member and carrying readers alone will make it interesting.
There must be a star (A Genus) among them and there must be a black sheep (a pessimist: someone that no method will work for because of his lazy characters). People must know them for that.
They will have there theme leader and other leaders that are important
It will be that the meeting will be holding every Wednesdays and the outcome of the meeting is being broadcast to people to gain from.
The first meeting should be introduction of members and solve basic problem, at list one (1) problem.

The Cartoons should look like this to make it more real fun.

This is the link I shared it on;

Hey Oni,

Please check mail. 🙂
I have been submitted my idea through your contact page.


My idea is you just act as a detective like detective Conan Oni.
you must be know who he is.
people will call you as DETECTIVE ONI and how you look like is similar to the cartoon.
you are young and have a big heart.
just visit the link above and see on the top right the cartoon.
just place yourself as a detective that solves writer’s problem and not an old man who has beards, just show your young spirit 🙂
and then make a dialogue about the problem and the solution.

by the way, I’ve added you as a friend on Facebook and share this contest

thanks and may my idea helps you and I hope to be a winner and get the prize 🙂

Hi Oni,
I will illustrate my idea. It’s my entry for this contest. I’m praying you’ll find time to check it.
$500 is no joke. This amount can buy me food for a month..sparing my blood for sale…ha ha! Will send it before the deadline. 🙂


Bamidele Onibalusisays:

I can’t wait to see it! 🙂

Looks interesting while reading your contest grin . If u ask me i would rather suggest you to –

1.For Clients -Add 6 buttons on your homepage banner which represents your work. Make those buttons similar to your ‘ FOLLOW ME ‘ below your description . This can make your clients choose their topic easily and can make a nice impression on you

2.For readers – It looks like only the middle part of your site is used and left and right side is left blank . You can add one Animated cartoon character who is writing something on the left side. His character looks like a old wizard who carries a quill instead of a magic wand and writes on a piece of paper .

and on the right side make the papers he is writing animated in such a way that those papers change into money stacks or into gold . This makes an impact on readers that they can make money online by writing . and you can add a small tagline on right side which may be optional ..

Make sure this appears in all your pages …Hope you like my idea … grin

Ehsan Ullahsays:

Great deal Oni,

I think it is really great contest. Love it and I’ll share my ideas soon.

Tayo Solagbadesays:

Hi Oni,

This is likely to be a useful way to boost attention and interest in your blog.

I’m hoping the solution/strategy you eventually adopt will help you keep it going for the long term – which is crucial.

It’s got to be done in a way that ensures you will find it WORTHWHILE putting in the effort to continue publishing the cartoons. So, I’d suggest you spare some thought for that…

Back in 2007, launched what I called my “Pix Humour Library” on a members-only section of my website (The objective was to use it to engage more people, and get them to join the mailing list for my newsletter). It wasn’t cartoons – but I borrowed some cartoon ideas. I managed to keep it going for only 3 months before I gave up…LOL!

Looking back, I realize the main problem I had was finding a LINK between the pix humour libary and my monthly messages in the newsletter I published and advertised it on (e.g see bottom of right column on page at

Below is a link to a version of the now defunt pix-humour library page which I’ve put in a non-password protected location – just to show what I tried to do back then.

Note that to save space, I used animated GIF images which allowed me have clips displayed at fixed intervals. The image quality suffered a bit as a result. I adopted this method because I did not want to create cartoon characters (I’m clueless about drawing!), and also to save time.

On a final note, I would say Christelle’s suggestions above, about using the French Blog Band Dessine model actually appeals the most to me.

It goes without saying, of course, that you will want to look at harvesting useful tips from all the other excellent submissions that have so far been made.

I certainly look forward to seeing what you come up with in the end. And I hope you find a way to tie it in to your blog’s purpose, so you can keep it going for the long term.

Like I said earlier, that’s key 🙂

As usual, Oni, great job!



Helene Poulakousays:

Dear Bamidele,

Congrats for both your ideas – the comic series and the contest!

My proposal will examine the issues of characters, implementation, and promotion, as you specifically ask for in your contest rules, along with the additional ones of branding & readers’ engagement; I’ll also go through a few examples that may help you with your ideas.
For more details, you can email me: [email protected]


Let’s take the bearded prof idea and fly with it. I can see he’s young, in his late twenties perhaps – a Young Pro. Young is important, because: (i) you and your readership (the majority, at least) are young, (ii) he is not a novice, but he’s not a know-it-all [email protected]**, not even so much experienced himself. He keeps learning too. You want your heroes to ring real.

But let’s not make him the Main Character. Let’s throw in a few buddies, Young Pre Pros, the students. Bob, Heather and Leonard for example. They have problems to solve, tricks to learn, they have to read and to practice their writing, they have to connect with people and they have a life too. They can meet at the cafeteria, at their home/office, in the classroom, in the school yard, at the gym. Being flexible with the settings may give interesting ideas to the writer and it refreshes interest for the reader. It can also be used to give an image of the “internet lifestyle”.

Perhaps the students have other classes, other professors. One for writing tips, another for training them to find publications, contests, events, etc, or whatever issue you want to address with the series. Your heroes can also interact with other characters: Heather’s brother who builds websites; Bob’s girlfriend who makes naive questions but sometimes gives a solution through a seemingly irrelevant remark; the car mechanic (“mechanics” of writing or of networking/marketing can bring to mind several metaphors); grandma who cooks and sews or paints (isn’t the white page like a canvas, doesn’t the eye want to be pleased?), etc.


I don’t think your message would be effectively delivered, if you go with the “above the fold” option. Of course, short is sweet, but giving writing and freelancing advice in such a limited space most probably won’t work. Creating anticipation to make the reader scroll down the page is a much better strategy. Getting quickly to the point; using colorful characters with their quirks; creating compelling settings (they don’t have to be very detailed though) – these will work much better.

Look at my all-time-favorite (and millions of other people’s favorite!) Astérix:
(For Your Entertainment: The site I mentioned above has the full collection of Astérix comic books. They’re very clever and well-made. You’ll love them!)
Before it was turned into a movie, Astérix had sold millions of copies in its native country (France), in Europe, and throughout the world. Apart from its plot, which was based on a very successful idea, it had many more merits that established it as one of the most popular comic series. See how well-drawn it is; see how each type has his/her distinctive traits, how they dress, how they stand, how they talk; see the little details that bring color and flavor to the sketch. You may also notice the alternation of squares and long, rectangular boxes on the page – its purpose is to avoid making it boring. Compare it, for example, with the following comic, which is not bad – it’s just a little boring from a visual point of view:

See one more example from the Astérix series:
It’s in French, but it goes something like this: Astérix, his fat friend Obélix (does it remind you of OBE-sity? See what I mean about well-rounded characters?), and Obélix’s little dog help a Corsican runaway get back to his beloved island. The joke is woven around the Corsican cheese with its very strong smell and the love of the fugitive for Corsica: While the two Gauls and their dog are almost faint with the smell, the Corsican (who has the cheese right under his nose) distinguishes from afar the subtle aromas of his country:
“This light and subtle perfume made of thyme and almond tree, of fig and of chestnut tree… and also, this imperceptible whiff of the pine tree, this touch of mugwort, this suspicion of rosemary and lavender… my friends! This perfume…– Is Corsica!”
Of course, you are not seeking a pure comical effect, but you can see how character peculiarities can give a distinguishable voice and move forward the plot of your story.

Check out this educational comic:
See how little images are integrated into the page? Some as “free-flowing” examples inside the box where the hero speaks; others altogether outside the box – creating this varied effect to the eye.
You could also integrate little charts held by the characters, as in the following example: (a multi-purpose card). Never mind the strange language, it’s Greek – just take a look at the image!


You can also bring the questions of your readers into the classroom. If a certain ‘Andrew’ asks what kind of books he should read to improve his grammar skills (or, are grammar skills really essential to freelance writers?), put him in the classroom; make him a student or a visitor. Or make the prof exasperate at the lack of the students’ commitment to learning to write in good English.

The comic series is a very good idea. Make it witty, a little funny. Treat one small idea in each “episode” as space is not enough for long descriptions/arguments or for attention to be dispersed; bring across one major point. Be surprising at the end of the story. Surprise enhances the entertaining (comic) effect, while it impresses better the lesson on the reader’s mind.

Your readers will want to “see” themselves in the comic. Treat them with respect. Make the students real people, eager to learn, to work, and to make money; make them joke, be friends, be tired after they partied or kept writing a 2,000 article last night. You don’t have to show all this explicitly in the story, but you must know your characters in order to have them behave normally, consistently and have them create the best effect possible.


If your comic series is successful (it will be!), you’ll be associated with it. You’ll be associated with the particular “feel” it gives to your blog. To use a quite far-fetched example, if you chose to use a scenario of a prof teaching to a class of cavemen, you might be remembered as “the smarty pants who thinks he’s so above us primitive bloggers, etc” A stupid example, but you get the point. Really, what do you want to be remembered as? Choose with care.


I am sharing this post on Facebook (my page – WritersWritingWords -, plus a couple of groups / author + blog challenges I participate in). There has already been a slight interest, let’s see what happens!

After the contest, I can write a guest post (~1,000 words), perhaps treating some of the above ideas or something relevant, if you find this fit for promoting the comic series. I’ll be also using a couple more networking platforms instead of just FB.

During the month of September I will be in the process of reconstructing my blog, WritersWritingWords. New theme, better stated focus, etc. This means that posting on my blog will not be possible – but I’ll be back shortly:
Meanwhile, you can email me: [email protected]

Wishing you the best,

Helene Poulakousays:

Dear Bamidele,

Due to software configuration on the Comments section, my proposal on this Comment came out a bit… reduced. Clipped.

The titles of the different sections (where you see the symbols) were cut.

Please, check the email I sent you through your contact form, or see the titles listed in order here:

1. Character(s)
2. Implementation – Examples of comics
3. Engagement
4. Branding
5. Promotion

I’m really sorry for the inconvience.

Be well,


hi Oni, I’d have a “freelance guru” instead of “freelance writing professor”, as it sounds less boring, quite exciting.

Gurus talking fun, yet, giving inspirational , practical, motivational advice and insights… I’d create the drawings on the most pressing freelance writers’ issues, challenges, needs, problems… make the pain so hard to feel, yet, give the solution in an easy , fun way…

Readers would related to the context, and would say to themselves.. “Aha!”, or “How couldn’t I think about this before!”


P.S. The cartoons should be a series like each WED you’d have 4-5 cartoons (not just one) where the “Guru” either interviews an expert, talks on a challenge, gives some insights, etc… it has to be interactive – the Guru fronting someone or learning from someone, or sharing something… hope it makes sense!

Edwin Aqua Basseysays:

My Dear friend i tink u shud write d story 1st there afta, draw out d characters to be used on the cartoon, then pain them with ur own colours, hire a profession script writer , producer n people to record dos voice. After everyting ur cartoon is ready 4 Sale. Pls reply asap.

i wud suggest u have some funny type of cartoon character to impress more minds……obviously a funny crtoon proffessor lyke an owl with specs and book in his hand,,,or a googled professor jumping with an article in his hand……..or simply a pencil with specs put on and book made held to it wud be gr8 idea lyk to draw attention of many…………….added with some interesting ,,as well as funny quotes that may bend more ppl to freelance writing,…..hpoe yew wud lyk it….i have attached files of cartoons for example………….
1 more gr8 idea that strikes me is u cud hav a philosophical guru instead of the boring chemistry professors to encourage freelanceing in a different manner…….that wud add spice to it surely…i bet!!!!!

Kashif Manzoorsays:

thats great,i am very glade to know about this great idea.i think thats a big entirtainment.i think story of cartoon should b morlised.ful of emotions and reality,because most peoples are like reality.

Retha Groenewaldsays:

Hi Oni, my idea would be to have a super hero e.g. SuperWriter who is in training to use her/his superhero writing powers – like a growing child in the clumsy stage – hero has everything to help writers in distress but does not realize that she/he has everything she/he needs. Everybody knows she/he is a hero but she/he is not convinced Despite her /his clumsiness, she/he does help writers by stumbling upon the solutions (movie Spy Hard comes to mind) But once in a while (every 4th Wednesday) she/he gets this breakthrough and realizes she/he is of hero status.
The cartoon can be a strip of 4 cartoons in a vertical line (like filmstrip) telling the story e.g. the incident, the clumsy, stumbling and the great full writer with happy ending for writer but what about the hero
You could do the cartoon strip down the left side of your post

Hi Oni,
Since your site was set up to help writers, I think the cartoon should be about an aspiring writer (a newbie),the problems he faces as he tries to launch a writing career online and the methods he took to solve these problems. I think the main character should be an African because we have peculiar problems that others do not.I am a new writer who would identify with that character. The problems he faces can range in complexity from not having enough money to browse the internet or not even having a personal computer to not knowing how to manage multiple writing assignments or blogs. I think this is both practical and interesting. You can decide which problems to address every week by taking a poll from your many readers/subscribers.
I prefer the idea of a single main character or a small group of characters (like the Archie comics) because it is easier for readers to identify with one or few characters. Emphasis should be placed on how the problem was solved, because this acts as a call to action and makes your site a solution center for writers.
By the way, I shared this post, so I get my 1 point, right? Thanks.


Your idea of getting this concept across to people in order to
get their input itself presupposes that you are a great scholar
who knows how and where to find solutions to educational social media problems.

Here are my pieces of advice and suggestions.
I wouldn’t want you to devote all the four Wednesdays to just trying to motivate people to write better or get tips on improving their writing skills.You would need to devote say two Wednesdays to motivational and inspiring messages that gets people out from where they are[DEPRESSED,DISHEARTENED,DESPAIR,DISORGANIZED,DISCOURAGED,DISILLUSION AND DARKNESS} to that place of hope,happiness and healthy living.All these you can do with your proposed cartoon.
Do you know there are a thousand and one people out there who have bright ideas but for reasons enumerated a while ago just remained where they are. so for the implementation of this concept you might get the artist to paint a picture of a young fellow trying to encourage those who are somewhat down and out about life in general.You certainly will feel fulfilled to recieve letters of someone you helped back to his feet.
Then the order two wenesday should portray all the ideals and idears
that you have been teaching in your blog. Again it should be a young fellow trying to counsel his audience how to get it right in respect of writing for traffic and making money via internent.
for both concepts you can check
It may interest you to know that the Guardian newspaper uses this website quite often to drive home the messages they have for their reading audience ..check guardian august28 page27,and august29 page12 .
The small fellow should be you,as this has a way of bringing conviction of some sort to the sloth and the lazy.

Oni, I hope this isn’t too late. If you want the strip to be funny it needs to play on the bad advice for writers that one can find all over the Internet. You need a host in the first panel, a teacher or just a narrator. This person sets up that strip’s storyline. The other panels show a new writer (probably a not-too-bright one if you want it to be a recurring character) who takes bad advice and suffers the consequences. In the last panel he finally accepts the wisdom of the narrator and corrects his mistake. This can be tied to whatever topics you want to cover in the blog that week. If you want to write about a topic like building an e-mail list or ghostwriting, your cartoon character can make mistakes and find solutions you can then elaborate on in your posts. I hope this helps.

tracy collinssays:

Hi Oni, This is Tracy Collins and i’m writing to you to let you know that i still think that you should be the main cartoon character for your blog.And you should be known as ” Proffessor Oni “.And also you should have other cartoon characters ask you questions about blogging,freelancing and about the blogging business in general.And you can call the segment ( Ask Proffessor Oni ) and you can also create a video about your cartoon character ” Proffessor Oni ” and the ( Ask Proffessor Oni ) cartoon segment.It could go viral on YouTube.With your experience and expertise in this blogging business you can teach them well.I would love to see you on your blog as ” Proffesor Oni ” giving great advice to the other cartoon characters to help them succeed in the blogging business, just like you have suceeded in this business.Here’s some links of some cartoon characters that you should use as a platform for your blog cartoon segments , and you can have yourself as the main carton character because of your knowledge of the blogging business and freelancing.Here’s a link of people making themselves as cartoon characters . Oni,Good luck with your cartoon segments on your blog and i will check them out on your blog when you have completed the cartoons.Just let me know when the cartoon segments will start on your blog.Thanks for giving me an oppotunity to enter your contest.

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