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48 Keys To Success

48 keys to successEverybody wants to succeed but many are not on the right path. There are a lot of things you have to know and do when trying to succeed and unfortunately there is hardly enough information on this.

Success mostly does not depend on who you presently are but more on who you are about to be, this post will be talking about 48 things you must do when trying to succeed – These are the golden keys to success and you must follow them to the call.

1. Get Started: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a footstep, if you never take that step then you can never complete the journey.

You might be someone who is full of knowledge and is always motivated, you might be someone who has a lot of ideas and connections about a subject, you might be someone who strongly believes in yourself but the truth is if you never get started, there is nothing that can be done.

Getting started is half the journey and every other factors rely on it, there is no need to keep postponing and procrastinating, you can do yourself a favor by getting started now.

2. Love The Successful: Many people will come around blasting and hating those who are rich and successful, some of them will come up with thoughts that the source of the success of those successful is not good.

You will never be what you hate and one of the best ways to destroy your success is to hate the successful.

It does not matter what you think or face, love the successful, move closer to them, learn from them and clearly observe them and you will be a success very soon.

3. Make Motivation Your Friend: One of the greatest keys to success is motivation. Successful people are always motivated and it is very important for you to also cultivate this habit. Never feel discouraged or negative but try as much as you can to make sure you stay motivated.

Successful people always have the “I can do It” characteristic and no matter what they face they have one major believe which is that they can do it.

You are mostly what you are exposed to, if you are always exposed to negative sayings and thoughts about you succeeding then you most probably won’t succeed but if you are always exposed to positive sayings, thoughts and people then you will definitely succeed.

It is also very important to read motivational books because one great way to motivate yourself is from other people’s experience and many motivational authors do share their stories and experiences which will always keep you going.

4. Create Opportunities: Another great key to success is that you should always create opportunities.

You don’t need to wait until opportunities come, you might never get the best opportunity you want and the best way to succeed in a situation like this is to create opportunities for yourself.

If you are in the online world, every niche was started by somebody, if you have searched for various niches in which you can make it to no avail then the best thing is to create another niche. Your best opportunity is that which you create!

5. Never Waste Opportunities: There is a saying that opportunities comes but once. It is very important not to waste any opportunity that comes your way but to make effective use of it.

One great way to make effective use of opportunities is by avoiding procrastination, don’t try to postpone anything that comes your way but try as much as possible to get the best out of it.

6. Set Goals: Many people are not a friend to goals and this is limiting them in a lot of ways. One major reason you should set goals is because it makes you accountable unto yourself, if you set goals for yourself then you will always have it in mind to work hard towards achieving your goals.

Another very important thing is to set realistic goals, setting just any goal will make you feel over-burdened thereby making you unable to do things but rather set realistic goals that could be broken down into bits until it is achieved.

It is also very important to have a time-frame for your goals because not having a time-frame makes your goals useless and it also gives room for leniency but when you set goals based on a particular period of time you will always be inclined to work hard to achieve your goals.

7. Stay Positive: Your state of mind and being has a long way in affecting how you succeed. It is very important to always stay positive and try as much as you can to avoid negativity.

You can always stay positive by only staying around positive friends, by reading books that ignites your positivity, by staying in a positive environment and by training yourself to be positive.

8. Be Appreciative: Another golden key to success is to always be appreciative. Many people believe that all that comes their way is because of their hardwork and that they deserve it.

Things will begin to change for worse when you fail to appreciate the force behind all good things (God!), it is also very important to thank those who help you. A little thank you could mean a lot and it can open a new door of opportunities for you.

Don’t try to believe you are responsible for your success thereby you don’t need to thank anyone.

9. Take Notes: Another great key to success is taking notes. There are a  lot of things happening around you but you can’t get anything from them if you don’t know them. There is always a lot to do and time waits for no man, the best thing to do is to always take note of things around you thereby brainstorming on it on a later date.

If you own a business it is very important to take note of where most of your customers come from, if they come from the media then spend most of your money on the media but if you don’t take note of where results are coming from then there is no how you will know where to improve.

10. Never Rush to do Things: One great thing about the wise and successful is that they never rush to do things, they take their time to plan ahead.

Everything you do, every step you take has its consequences and every misstep you take will have you dearly pay for it, it is thereby not advisable to rush into actions but to take your time to plan and seek advise before embarking on anything.

11. Avoid Stress: Stress is a killer and once your productivity is dead you can never be successful. It is always important to make sure you don’t stress yourself because this is another key to success, you can only be successful within the limits of your productivity and if you try to stress yourself then you are impairing your productivity which in turn will have its own negative effects.

12. Research: Researching is one major and unavoidable key to success, if you fail to research then you will dearly pay for it.

Many people are so hurried that they fell into a lot of scams due to their inability to research. Never take what people tell you hook, line and sinker but take your time to effectively research and try as much as possible to know what is the truth.

Some costly mistakes are too dear to pay for and if you research effectively you will end up avoiding these silly mistakes. Take Your Time – Research Effectively!

13. Do Your Best: Beat this hard into your head, in whatever you do, do your best!

Every thing has its reward and some people are a few inches to their success before they give up. It is always very important to do your best when trying to do anything because this leaves you with no other option than to succeed.

14. Take Risks: You can hardly succeed without taking risks. Every product of success is a product of risk taken by somebody.

It is always very important to take risks and not to avoid something because it will cost you something. Most of the things that bring results will always cost you something and will always involve you taking a great risk.

Take a look at your life, your mother gave birth to you because she could take the risk of having you in her womb for nine months – If she hadn’t taken that risk then you wouldn’t have been born.

Going to school is no certificate to success but still your parents took the risk of sending you to school so that you can succeed. Try as much to make this part of your life, it is inevitable, you just have to take risks.

15. Always Adapt To Change: Life is always static and one golden rule of success is that there will always be a need to change. It is not the change that matters most but how you react to it.

It is always very important to adapt to changes because success comes as a result of change, you cannot be in one place and expect different results, there definitely must be change and how you react to that change is what matters most – It is very important to react positively to change.

16. Work With Time: Successful people know the importance of time and if there is one undeniable truth it is that time does not wait for any man.

It is always very important to be time-conscious in everything you do because there is a perfect timing for everything and if you could stick to the right timing in everything you do you will fast-forward your way to success.

Another great reason to work with time is because it helps you overcome procrastination, and as we all know, procrastination is an enemy of success.

17. Dream Big: Another great trait of successful people and one of the most important keys to success is dreaming big. You can hardly surpass what you dream to be.

Many of the big people of our time all started from a poor background, many of them are people you can never think can become anything good but if you take a look at them today you will notice they have been aspiring to be great from a young age.

Try to beat it into your head that you will success, try to have a bigger picture of what you want to be, if it is conceivable, it is achievable.

18. Help People: Helping people is the greatest key to success, no wonder Zig Ziglar said “You will get all you want in life if you  help enough other people get what they want“.

Every real success revolves around helping people. In every areas of life people have need for one thing or the other, it is very important to carefully observe what it is that people need and try your best to make sure you help them get it, by doing that it will be easier for you to get anything you want.

19. Never Overlook The Small Things: Small things always lead to big things and every big thing has a small beginning. It is very important never to overlook small things around you but to make effective use of every opportunity you have.

That small business might be a very great one in the near future.

20. Never Despise Anyone: Another great key to success is to never despise anyone, the small boy today can be the big man tomorrow.

Many people will use their big office to manipulate and maltreat those under them believing that the fellow is too small for them thereby there is no reason for them to care. It is very important not to try to manipulate anybody irrespective of who the fellow is but rather encourage and help everyone that comes your way.

21. Collaborate With Others: There is power in partnership. Wise men don’t stand alone. It is easier for one person to fall than when they are two.

Collaborating with others in business means you will share your responsibilities, ideas and many other things, this will lighten your burden and also make things easier for you.

You don’t necessarily need to collaborate with one person only but you can collaborate with as many people as you want.

When collaborating you might not want to give the all-in-all of your business to another person but it might be in sharing ideas and helping each other.

22. Read Always: Another great key to success is reading always. There is power in reading because every reading you do adds to you. It is better to read than to talk and by reading you read about what other people have faced and you also gain a lot of knowledge that can be used to improve your life.

You don’t necessarily need to read only a particular type of book but you can read any book that can contribute to your knowledge – no knowledge is a waste and every additional knowledge does not remove from you, it only adds to you.

23. Listen Always: Another great characteristic of successful people is their ability to listen to others. You will always feel the urge to say something especially when people are accusing you wrongly or annoying you but keeping silent will help you learn a lot and make them look like fools.

When dealing with customers, even if your customer is trying to tell you that you don’t know how to do your business or that you are not doing what is right you don’t need to argue with your customers but rather listen because this will make your customers feel humbled and ready to wait for your next line of action.

Empty barrels make a lot of noise and those with “real stuff” don’t shout. You don’t need to argue all your life because there is power in listening.

24. Be Observant: Many people complain of poverty even when the key to their success lies beside them.

It is always very important to be observant and take good note of things around you, you don’t need to just overlook everything around you but carefully take note of everything.

The problem around you needing a solution might be only what you need to succeed, it is very important to make effective use of this key.

25. Never Underestimate Yourself: This is one major mistake many people make. It is better to overestimate yourself than to underestimate yourself.

It is very important never to underestimate yourself because there are a lot of things you could do that could lead to your success but when you begin to underestimate yourself your believe in yourself begins to die and it becomes very difficult to succeed.

26. Be Persistent: One thing every successful people will tell you is that real success is not easy to come by, anybody telling you otherwise is lying!

It is always very important to be persistent in everything you do, every good thing does not come easily and every additional effort from you counts. Keep trying and you will soon lay your hands on it.

27. Be Patient: Another bitter truth is that success takes time, you can’t expect to get started today and make it overnight – it is impossible.

Real success takes time and you have to wait patiently for it to come by. It is true everything will look difficult and discouragement will set in but you must learn to keep yourself motivated and encouraged so that you can wait till your success is near – Your success is so near to you, don’t quit yet!

28. Be Passionate: Another great secret to success is passion, this single factor is very important to your success.

Many people get into business because of the money in it, they never even think about any other factors.

You will surely see some businesses and ventures that look profitable but it is very important to make sure you have passion for what you do – this is one great secret to success.

Your passion is what keeps you moving when everything is not okay, it is passion that makes you forge ahead even if it seems the world has turned against you

Casanova is someone who always have his way with women but his confession was that his secret to succeeding with women was because he gave his all to them, he has passion for them. It is passion that will make you give what it takes.

All passionate people are not normal because they will go beyond what every normal people do, they are the one who burn late night candles, they are the one spending tons of hours on their businesses trying to succeed and they are the one going the extra mile to succeed.

29. Make Determination Your Best Friend: I so much love this one factor because you can hardly see someone determined fail. Determination is so powerful that if you have it you are sure to succeed.

It is determination that helps you give it what it takes.

Try to be determined in whatever you do because this is a very great key to success.

30. Focus On Your Strong Point: Jack of all trades is master of none. The greatest people who ever lived were not mumble jumbles, they were people who know their art.

You don’t need to go into this, that and every other there could be to succeed but you should focus on your strength and improve in every one major aspect.

If you could blog then focus all your strengths into building a powerful blog rather than wasting your strength every here and then.

The truth is, everybody has a strong point and there is power in your strong point, don’t waste that power by dividing your attention on many things but work harder to make sure you get the best result from one thing.

31. Change Your Circumstance: Your circumstances is your greatest enemy. Your parent imposed something on you, your friends imposed theirs on you, the society imposed theirs on you, but this does not mean it is the best.

It is very important to break free from circumstances preventing you from succeeding but change your circumstances for your favor. You have the power to turn things around and you must make effective use of that power to make everything work out for you.

32. Never Fail to Plan: Failure to plan is planning to fail. It is very important to plan everything you do wisely.

Many people just accept ideas, sign business deals, take action and do a lot of things without thinking twice, this wouldn’t take you far and it might be you digging your grave.

Every silly mistake you make in the game of life will have you pay dearly for it. Try as much as you can to plan ahead, plan every of your actions and plan every of your spending because every mistake on your side as a result of your lack of planning will take an unavoidable revenge.

33. Try to Be Happy, No Matter What!: There is strength in happiness, it is very important to be happy always.

Happiness makes you do things with ease, happiness gives you new strength to do things and happiness enhances your ability to succeed.

The journey of failure begins from sadness and you must try to avoid this as a plague. In everything you do cultivate the spirit of happiness and you are sure to succeed.

34. Good Health is Inevitable: So many people play with their health and this is very deadly. It is very important to be healthy everyday of your life.

Eat good food, make yourself clean, do daily exercises and cultivate good health habits because every time you are down delays your success.

Try to be healthy always, there is power in good health.

35. FREE is Very Dangerous – Run From It!: One great secret is that everything that is free has a price that is attached to it, the funny thing about free things is that you will pay more than you should have paid if you were to pay for the thing.

Since you want increase in your wealth, increase in your money and increase all around you, you don’t need to waste your time trying to get free things but rather spend your time wisely and also spend your money wisely on things that will help you.

36. Always Remind Yourself of Your Success – Not Your Failure!: Many people keep reminding themselves of their failures and the areas they can’t make it, it is very dangerous to do this because it is killing you slowly, it is a deadly poison. Keep on encouraging yourself, always re-affirm your belief in yourself and always remind yourself of your success.

I am not telling you to be proud because pride itself is an enemy of success but you should rather use your past success to encourage yourself and increase your belief in yourself.

37. Knowledge is Power: It is very important to always look for ways to increase your knowledge instead of wasting your time on things that does not matter.

Every single knowledge you gain makes it easier for you to succeed so you should never underutilize the power of knowing more. It does not matter whether it is free or paid, try as much as you can to move yourself closer to the people who know what they are saying.

Spend your money on books, seminars, coaching and many other things that can add to you.

38. Employ Those Who Are Better Than You: Another great secret to success is making use of better talents than yours.

Always employ those who are better than you, not those you are better than. Successful people make effective use of this key to full effect because those better than you will always add to your business but those you are better than will always annoy you thereby also affecting your business.

39. Be Humble: It is always very important to be humble in every areas of your life. Instead of boasting about your achievements and thinking you are the only one it is very important to be low-minded and try to learn from others because this is the true sign of success.

Success is not only your ability to succeed but your ability to maintain success.

40. Walk With Influencers: It is very important to walk with the influencers in your field because this make people think you are of the same level with them thereby giving you the respect they give to them which leads to more success.

There is no point in wasting your time whirling around, spend your time wisely by moving with the movers and shakers of your industry and you will get an edge over your competitors.

41. Make Unsatisfaction Your Friend: One great traits of successful people is their high level of unsatisfaction, every now and then you will hear them say they haven’t started yet.

It is very important not to be satisfied no matter what but keep on trying till you get results.

You will always come around a little success that you will think that is the maximum height you can attain but it is always very important never to settle for less. When making unsatisfaction your friend it is also very important to make appreciation and humility your close friend because after pride cometh fall.

42. Let There Be No Excuses For Your Failure: Success does not depend on your race, it does not depend on your location, it does not depend on your background and it does not depend on your parents but success depends on you.

You don’t need to keep giving excuses every now and then but you should rather work hard and you should always work with a motive that there is no excuse for your failure, when you have this motive as your backing you will begin to reach extraordinary heights and you will begin to get greater results.

43. Burn The Bridges: I presently don’t use mobile phones and it is for a reason. I am so addicted to browsing the internet that I can never have an internet enabled device around me without browsing the web. I spend over 10 hours in the cafe only to get back home to be browsing on my mobile phone throughout the night, I tried my best to control myself but I discovered the only way I could get rid of this is by burning the bridges – I got rid of my mobile phone and I began to have a whole new life, an end came to all my problems and I could have a good night sleep.

It is very important to burn the bridges and destroy everything that could prevent you from succeeding so that you could only focus on one and know you don’t have any alternative than to succeed.

If there are other choices, destroy them and focus on one – There is a great strength in burning the bridges.

44. Forget The Past: If only you could forget the past. So many people are hindered by their past and they just couldn’t let go.

Many people are always remembering themselves of this loss and that loss and how they were scammed here and there.

The past is a great hindrance to your success and if you couldn’t let the past go then you are endangering your success.

Everybody will surely face one trial and the other and problem is bound to come it is very important not to stick those problems at the back of your head but rather forget them entirely and focus on what matters.

45. Be Organized: Lack of organization is very dangerous and many people suffer a lot from this problem. It is very important to have an order of doing things and it is also very important to have a priority list.

Being organized helps you get things done faster because it helps prevent stress and gives you more energy because you already know what is next. Being organized also helps you avoid distractions because there are a lot of things fighting for your attention but the important things must come first.

46. Don’t Waste Your Time On What Others Can Do For You: It is very important not to waste your time on what others can do for you because there is not enough time to be wasted.

You don’t need to spread yourself too thin but rather employ as many people as you can to help simplify the execution of your business.

You can’t be the manager and the sales rep at the same time, let others do it for you and you will be able to make more profits, more than what you can use to pay those working for you.

47. Have A Good Relationship With Customers: This is where many business fail.

Some people don’t mind how much your product or service costs all that matters to them is easy accessibility to you.

It is very important to always maintain a good relationship with your customers because they have the power to affect your business negatively or positively. If you treat your customers badly then they can begin to spread negative words about your business and the truth is that negative publicity spreads faster than positive but if you treat them in a great way they will also go ahead to say positive things about your business thereby bring in more customers.

48. Stop and Rethink: Many people just keep moving without looking back to see if something is wrong. It is very important to always trace your steps back and examine to see if there is anything you have done wrong.

You might not easily see if you have done something wrong but if you continue to examine yourself regularly you will definitely see one fault or the other that can easily be corrected and you will soon be a success.

Over To You!

Is success easy to come by? Is there any other key to success you want to add? What do you think about this post? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section.

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33 Comments on "48 Keys To Success"

  1. Nabeel | Create Your First Website says:

    Hello Onibalusi,

    Epic post. 48 Points to success! You have summed up success in any and every field!

    I like your point “3. Make Motivation Your Friend”. And I visit this blog for this motivation! As many of your blogs are really motivational!

    I would also add the correct mindset:

    Being patient and knowing that every thing takes time and reaching success also takes time!


    • Exactly Nabeel,

      You are absolutely right.

      Motivation is very important and it finds strength for you when there is none.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

  2. Michael says:

    So many good points here, Onibalusi. The ones I like and can relate to the most are “take risks,” ” make things happen”, “listen always”and “have a go”. Too often we are worried about what other people will think or tell ourselves ‘I’m no good at that.’ To echo the great man himself “If you think you can…or think you can’t…either way you’re right!,” Henry Ford.

    Very motivational and inspiring post.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Exactly Michael,

      You are absolutely right.

      Some of the points (like listen always) I learned the hard way 😉

      Thanks for the RT!

  3. Samuel says:

    Man am impressed! Awesome post! You’ve said it all. Am going to save this and read it every morning! I owe u a tweet lol. *off topic* plz chk ur inbox! Thanks.

    • Great Bro,

      Glad you loved the post and thanks for the RT.

      I have been seriously sick and I will reply to you as soon as I can.

  4. Lye Kuek Hin says:

    Wow Oni, awesome post. How long do you take to write that? A lot of the factors is important and we really need to achieve it one by one. Thanks for sharing.

    Talk to you soon.


    • Hi Lye,

      Yeah. I took over 3hours 😉

      I plan to be writing more great and longer posts now – they seem to be working for me 😉

  5. TriForce | Web Development Company says:

    Hey these are the incredible tips on success! I want to attain them…. thanks for sharing such a valuable keys for success!! 🙂

  6. Hi Onibalusi! This is a huge list post. Thanks for your sharing! Sometimes, we wish to achieve something but we do not have courage to start. Just do it! We will not see the result if we stay waiting.

    • Exactly Kok,

      You are absolutely right here.

      Getting started is one of the most important things you will ever do.

  7. Hey Onibalusi,

    Super awesome long depth post dude. You are doing awesome work everywhere man.

    Thanks for sharing this super-awesome post :).


    • Great Dev,

      Glad you loved the post!

      Thanks so much for commenting 🙂

  8. Joe Boyle says:

    Holly wow, Onibalusi, how long did it take you to write this huge post? I’d guess and hour or two.

    The only thing I didn’t see on the list was “Take Action”. If you’re not willing to take action on the ideas you think of, you can’t do any of the 48 things you listed.

    Never-the-less, fantastic post you’ve written, here. I like how you mentioned not to hate the successful. They are successful for a reason. If you hate them, what good does that do? You’ll just stand out and be laughed at.

    • Yeah Joe,

      Concerning taking action I think I summarised that in the first point, Get Started. What do you think?

      Many people just hate the successful and that is total foolishness, if one could get off that habit then he is sure to succeed.

  9. says:

    Hi Oni

    Awesome motivational tips you are providing here.
    Your todays post is similar to my todays post.Many points are same.It is providing values is the ultimate key to success(having much similarity with it).

    Thanks For Motivating

    • Great Abishek,

      I am so happy to have motivated someone.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

  10. polywood says:

    You have practically viewed life a lot. All points shows practical grip on the matters. These points are milestone for the progress in the life.

  11. I totally agree to all the key but I really like motivation the most. It is hard to get started if we do not have any motivation. It would be easier to set goal if motivation is present. That is my only perception.

    My friend, I don’t know but I do not know if you are a wide reader or something. You definitely have great ideas that I never had. I cannot think of 48 things to say. Enumerating those and writing this is like forever. And you only did it for 3 hours? You are really a prodigy. 🙂 Thanks for sharing Oni. You really inspire us.

    • Sure Ernest,

      Motivation is reallly very important and it is strength for you – it is what keeps you going when there seems to be no way, and with it being your closest ally you will get what you want with time.

      Thanks a lot for commenting,

  12. Hello Onibalusi, darren here
    great points. i’m not a good listener so i find it hard to carry on with the stuff that i dont know about. i like doing things my way which is the cause of my loss sometimes. Listening is indeed very important. Motivation is other most important factor that i find in your points. if a person is a self motivator, then there is nothing else that he needs.

  13. Mani Viswanathan says:

    48 a good number rather than always scoring a half century 😛 Really Unique 😛

  14. Tej Kohli says:

    You gives SEO strategy a new looks , I always prefer to make goals and strategy . If I am not wrong we have to Call is “SEO SRS” in short ….

  15. I did lot of research and studied lot of books regarding how to success. But, though i find it difficult to implement all these facts as discipline is must to follow the rules.

  16. Nice articles related to success. Surely i will refer this.

  17. Thanks for sharing the keys to success, it is educative and very useful for everyone who want to be a successful person.

  18. I like this post. Thanks

  19. Richard Chidike | Motivatory says:

    This is such a great list of success keys. Most of the points here are timeless and will always remain relevant in life. I am just loving this post over again.

  20. Chris Harris says:

    Your list is worthy, I mean 48 keys to success would certainly help one way or the other so the guarantee is 100%, I am very firm on these 48.


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