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4 Weeks Course for Freelance Writers

Hope you’re already planning to take over the new year?

If you’re ready to build a successful freelance writing career this year, I have an offer for you.

There’s a 4 weeks freelance writing course you need to check out.

This course is organized by Carol Tice and Linda Formichelli; both successful freelance writers with years of experience.

Check out the course here!

The course isn’t a free one. It is a premium course packed with value, and the organizers are people I can vouch for.

Instead of looking for ways to make a lot of money online without spending, why not invest in quality education every once in a while.

This course contains both videos, pdfs and worksheets to help you accelerate your learning and take actionable steps to achieve results.

There are 3 payment levels available to you if you decide to join, and you can learn more about the course through the link below.

P.S. I’m an affiliate for the course and I totally recommend it. You might want to do some research before signing up for the course, though (as you should do with all your purchases online!).



12 Comments on "4 Weeks Course for Freelance Writers"

  1. Meronagar says:

    Do you personally recommend for the course? Is it worth to spend? Please elaborate.

    • Bamidele says:

      Yep, I do. If it isn’t worth spending money on it, I won’t recommend it.

      Carol and Linda have great experience with freelance writing, and I’m so sure going through their class and following their tips will help you establish your career!

  2. Would have certainly tried this but looks too costly. Will think about it in coming days

    • Bamidele says:

      Sure thing. Take your time to ensure you make the right decision 🙂

  3. Atish says:

    Its a nice course and I am happy that you have sad honestly that you are an affiliate for this product. You rock.

    • Bamidele says:

      Aha, I think it’s only best to disclose my affiliation, especially since it is a product I’m happy to recommend 🙂

  4. Cristian Balau says:

    Jan. 24-Feb. 14, 2012 – seems pretty cool but you need to pay. I suggest you give some sort of free taste of what can people get if the buy a class.

    • Bamidele says:

      A free webinar was available earlier, but it has now been removed. I sent the link to my email list subscribers last week!

  5. Jason Scott says:

    Looks like a great course, very quick too, what qualifications or credits will you come out with? Also are they industry recognised?

    • Bamidele says:

      Aha, it’s a freelance writing course – by this, I mean it gives you tips on how to make money writing. It’s not like a schooling/legal service.

      • Jason Scott says:

        Ahh sorry, I misunderstood the meaining of the course, thankyou for correcting me.

        • Bamidele says:

          Sure thing 🙂


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