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31 Words Only Dumb Bloggers Would Use in Guest Posts Pitches

By Lesley Vos

In this article you’ll learn:

  • three rules of successful guest posting
  • 31 words you better not use in your pitch
  • all nuances to remember for successful outreach

Whatever they tell you, guest blogging is still alive.

Moreover, it is healthy and wealthy; and it will be like this for a long time if you help it and use it wisely.

This article won’t tell you where and how to find blogs to publish your guest posts; dozens of ultimate guides have been written on this topic already, and some of them are so top-notch that there is nothing to add (Examples are guides from Moz and Backlinko).

dumb words to use in guest post pitches

This article will focus on how to effectively pitch your guest posts.

A guest post pitch is your key step toward publication. You might be a top blogger in your field, but it doesn’t matter if your guest post pitch fails. This short letter to a blog’s editor will say more facts about you than a long list of your previously published works; that is why you should pay much attention to… words you use to introduce yourself and your guest post idea to blog founders and editorial teams.

A word spoken is past recalling. Unfortunately, only a few bloggers remember this proverb when it comes to writing guest post pitches. I bet you’ll find hundreds of articles on writing cool introduction emails to make top bloggers want to publish your guest post, but we are going to share the list of EXACT words to forget about if you plan to draw a blogger’s attention to your pitch in particular.

If you want to kill all your chances for publishing, the following variants to start a pitch will fit you perfectly:

  • Hello man!
  • Good evening sir!
  • Hi admin!

#1 rule of successful guest posting: every blogger has a name! (yes, it might surprise you but it’s true); so always try to call them by names.

It is not difficult to do actually: good blogs worth your attention will always have an About Us page introducing their teams to their audience. Moreover, addressing the blogger by name will be a sign that you’ve examined this blog carefully, you’ve paid attention to all its content, and you are interested in writing to this blog in particular. Plus, you will demonstrate that you are a real person and writer, not a spammer who sends one and the same letter to everyone and does not care about the blog you’re pitching.

Words to forget about:

Admin Man Manager Sir Support Webmaster

Try something like:

Hello Angela!

How are you?

My name is…


Hello Mr. Smith,

I hope you are doing well.

Let me introduce myself…

Body rules!

All bloggers understand your intentions perfectly: big chances are you want to get some backlinks to your website, blog or services with your publication; but it does not mean that you should tell about such intentions directly.

No one owes you nothing. Why should an editor of a cool and authoritative blog do you a favor and publish your guest post for your benefit? What will his blog get in return?

#2 rule of successful guest posting: do not talk about what you will get from your post; tell them what they and their audience will get from it.

If you want to bury all chances for your guest pitch approval, you would write something like:

“I am an expert blogger with great experience in your field. Many cool websites publish my posts, and I am sure I can offer a nice 300 word article to you. The topic is “Why blogs need such a superb writer like me”. I am great with SEO, so I can provide all necessary backlinks to promote this post a bit.

Let me know what you think of it.”

Or you could embarrass yourself by writing something similar to this:

I am sorry to bother you, but I was thinking about publishing the article of mine at your cool blog. I have a poor writing experience at the moment, but I hope my post will fit your blog well and your audience will find it interesting to read. Please, let me know if you accept guest posts and if it is possible to become one of your writers. What should I do to get some links to my website from your blog?

Fail! Fail! Fail! If you want to succeed with your guest post pitch, remember the following nuances:

  1. No serious blogger will accept guest articles of 300 words!
  2. No editor will be happy to hear how cool you are and how much his blog would lose if they did not accept your article for publishing.
  3. Yes, you should tell about yourself and your writing experience, but do not boast! Just facts + some links to your previously published works, so a blogger could see how you write and whether your writing style fits his blog.
  4. Do not demonstrate your lack of confidence (I am sorry, I hope, I have to – all these word combinations show a blogger you are not confident with what you do and you will hardly give them anything worth publishing).
  5. No blogger will be happy to know you want to use his blog for backlinks, your service promotion, or some kind of advertisement only.
  6. Show a blogger that your content will be interesting and useful to his blog’s audience; offer a unique and uncovered topic, not a trivial one.
  7. Make them see you want to share content, not links. Think of their audience, tell a blogger how his readers can benefit from the information you are going to give them.

More tips for better writing needed? Here you can check some tricks other writing experts use to make their works rock.

Words to forget about:

Ad/advertisement/advertise Link SEO
Backlinks Need Should
Cool Obvious Sorry
Expert One of Super
Great Poor Superb
Have to Promote/promotion Take
Hope Publish 300 words

Your last words…

#3 rule of successful guest posting: an editor is not your pal, so do not presume upon a short acquaintance.

Words to forget about:

Cheers See ya Sincerely Yours

While the above words would sound good when corresponding with a friend, they rarely for business correspondences.

Try something like:

I will look forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,



Awaiting for your reply,


Peter Collins

You can also add some links to your website, blog, or social profiles to your signature for others to check and learn your work better. For example:

Jack Smith,

Editor and Writer

Facebook, Twitter, Google+

To make a long story short…

Yes, a theory always sounds good and clear, but when it comes to practice… You sit and think: “Thanks for sharing this advice, man! But I have no idea what to write in my guest post pitch exactly now!” Do not panic! Here is an example of a good guest post pitch for you to keep in mind:

Hello Melissa!

How are you?

My name is Harry James, and I am an editor of [Site Name]. I am a passionate writer myself, and I am getting in contact to ask if you would be interested in publishing the article of mine, written for your blog in particular.

I’ve read all your guest post guidelines carefully, and I was thinking of the following idea to offer to your audience:

Topic: 31 Words Only Dumb Bloggers Would Use in Guest Post Pitches

Number of words: about 1400

Would you be so kind to check the attached document and let me know if this post fits your blog well? If some changes are still needed for this article to look and sound better for your readers, I am ready to make them.

Here are some samples of my previously published works for you to see my writing style better:

[link 1]

[link 2]

[link 3]

I look forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,


Certainly, every blog has its particular guest post guidelines and you should frame your pitch based on this: sometimes they need 2-3 ideas, sometimes they ask to send a draft, sometimes they ask to send a short sample of your writing… I believe you understand that there can’t be a “one and only” letter to use as the universal example of a perfect guest post pitch that would work for EVERY blog.

Lesley Vos is a novice writer and a passionate blogger. She believes she can write, and she is going to publish her first novel very soon. Please, try to bring her round if she makes the biggest mistake of her life! You can do that via Google+ or check her profile at Bid4Papers blog

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