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CASE STUDY: An Inside Look Into the Results of 31 Guest Posts in One Week

guest blogging case studyYes. You heard that right!

I wrote 31 guest posts in one week, and I’d like to share the results with you.

Challenges rock! I love taking on new challenges every once in a while, both for my clients and myself, and one thing I have noticed is that the results from these challenges always make it worthwhile.

For example, one challenge I recently took on was writing 10,000 words a day for a particular client, and I’m having great success with it. Since this post is about my guest blogging challenge, let’s go straight into it.

The Challenge

Almost 2 weeks ago, I decided to take on a new challenge. I wrote 31 guests in one week, most of which are on the subjects this blog talks about, and most of which were written with the intention of improving the SEO for this blog. I edited all the guest posts to make sure they are of a quality I’m proud of, and I created a unique bio focusing on keywords I want to rank for to use with my guest posts.

Most of these guest posts were submitted to smaller blogs from which I never expected traffic. While some of them sent a few visitors, the maximum I ever got from any of the blogs I submitted the guest posts to is 10 visitors. My main purpose for submitting these guest posts is SEO.

While getting 500 visitors from a single Problogger guest post in one week is great, personally, I prefer getting 70 visitors a day from the search engines every day for the whole of a month – and that was exactly why I took on the challenge.

My Focus Keywords

I didn’t really intend I’d write about my success with the guest posts, but since a lot of people asked for it on Facebook I decided to do so. As a result, I didn’t take screenshots of my ranking before the challenge, but I had an idea of where they rank. The results for the keywords before ranking is approximate, while the results for the keyword after ranking is exactly how I see it in Market Samurai‘s search tracking tool.

Keywords Targeted and Rankings before the 31 Guest Posts

how to write: 330

make money writing: 280

freelance writing: 260

guest blogging: 6

writing tips: not within the first 1,000 results

blogging tips: not within the first 1,000 results

Keywords Targeted and Rankings after the 31 Guest Posts

how to write: 131

make money writing: 15

freelance writing: 31

guest blogging: 5

writing tips: 263

blogging tips: 342

I know the results for some of the keywords above might surprise you, but yes, guest blogging is very effective!

I’d also like you to know that the ranking results used were those for the 18th of October 2011. That’s around after 9 days after the guest posts were submitted – so, if the guest posts could have this much effect just after 9 days, I wonder what will happen in a month or two.

Traffic before the 30 Guest Posts Were Submitted

I know the rankings don’t really matter if they don’t send traffic, and I’m also someone who really loves to see the stats of others and share mine, so I will be taking the Google Analytics screenshot of 10 days of traffic before, and 10 days of traffic after and sharing it below.

All the 30 guest posts were submitted on the 7th of October, and the traffic before shows traffic from the 29th of September to the 8th of October, while the traffic after shows traffic from the 9th of October to the 18th of October.

Search Engine Traffic Before

search engine traffic before

Search Engine Traffic After

search engine traffic after

Search Engine Traffic on “October 18”

So you have a clear idea about how traffic is going. Before the guest posts, I was averaging 350 visitors per day (on the best days) from search engines. Let me show you the screenshot for Yesterday’s search engine traffic, October 18, exactly 10 days after the 31 guest posts were submitted.

search engine traffic on October 18

I’d like you to know that the guest posts are yet to have a full effect, and that could lead this blog to getting over 500 visitors from search engines daily just because of the 31 guest posts.

A Simple Mathematics

Based on the number of visitors I got on October 18, compared to the average 350 visitors a day I used to get before then, let’s do some basic maths. 484 – 350 = 134!

Just take a look. That’s a whooping 134 visitors in a single day, just 10 days after submitting that guest post. How much would you have paid if that was PPC traffic? The cool thing about search traffic is that in the next month or so it will have been a 200 visitor a day increase, without me submitting any additional guest post. That’s all for 31 guest posts in 1 day – those 31 guest posts I don’t have to write again, but my search traffic will keep on increasing for years.

If we are to estimate me getting an average of 200 visitors a day for the next one year just as a result of those 31 guest posts, that will be 6,000 visitors in one month and over 72,000 visitors in one year.

If you’re a writer in need of clients, think about what 72k visitors can do for your blog in one year. Or let’s say, since my blog is more established and you might only get half of that traffic to your new blog, think what 36k visitors can do for your blog in one year.

If you’re a small business, think about what you can do with 70k visitors in one year? Think about what impact that can make in one year.

PS. If you want to take your business forward with guest blogging, you will surely go a lot farther with the help of an expert. I specialize in guest blogging, and I’d be happy to work with you to help you achieve your goals. Kindly get in touch with me so we can discuss!

By Bamidele

Onibalusi Bamidele is the founder and CEO of Writers in Charge. Follow him on twitter here.

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Rakesh Narangsays:

This is great Oni, my traffic dropped to half after the recent Panda update. I hope I recover soon.

Digital Imaginationsays:

That’s awesome .. Some nice focus on keywords.. hope it helps me as well…

This is great Oni I think so you are the person on net with highest guest post, when you started blogging wrote 250+ guest post in 8 months and now 30 in week Great keep doing

Michael @Blast4TrafficNowsays:

Well Oni, you really struck the nail right on spot. I also believe in guest blogging and so far, it’s the best way to improve your search engine ranking.

Guest posting should be a part of blogging activities. Since I started writing online, for clients and several other free portals, the traffic to my blog have increased tremendously.

But what I like about your keywords, is how relevant they are. The critics done to your blog by Chris is really helping you get focused on who your exact prospects are.

Keep it up, your ultimate success is yet to come.

Thanks For Your Comment Michael .i will agree with are shared very nice tips 🙂

Simply outstanding Oni, your productivity is as much as an inspiration as your writing talent.

Glad to see those SEO benefits too, for anyone who says guest blogging doesn’t work anymore, let them be directed to this post!

I’m not going to lie. I work a 9am – 10pm job (it’s a campaign fundraiser job). It’s hard not only to write a guest blog post, but my own blog post, and do all my other projects. I admire your grace – and the time you have as well.

boy you are simply a writing gig.your post each time it comes its simply inspiring. as a financial writer i look forward to implementing some of your guest post techniques

Ken @ Coupon Codesays:

You got a lot traffic from search engine, I lean some SEO tips recently,and try to do this.

Joe Burnettsays:

Sweet article Oni! Thanks for the cool stats.

Love your blog design. This article inspired me to guest blog at someone’s blog. Hopefully I can get some nice hits.

sam @ goa carnivalsays:

Congrats for this great achievement by the help of Guest posts.

i can’t believe on that really good result. I like your method which you mentioned in your blog post in “”Simple Mathematics”” point.

Thanks for the share. Your blog design rocks by the way.

I am also trying to make money writing online, and I definitely will be following your blog from now on. It rocks.

Wow, those are some impressive results. We’re just about to get into the guest posting game and your guides are really helpful. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Robert Antwisays:


Prior to submitting your guests posts – did you do a keyword relevancy check to see what searches the sites had been getting over the course of 3 months?

Or did you just submit to these sites based on the topics you had submitted previously or what you had seen lately over a period of time being submitted to the sites?

Thanks a ton for including YoungPrePro on your list, Susana! I really appreciate it!

BTW I noticed the link to YoungPrePro in the article is broken – can you look into this?

I like the way you think – simply and logically, this means that you will achieve great success!

Hi Onibalusi! So, 31 articles in one week? You have some serious skills I tell you that! Also this approach to SEO is definitely unique as far as I can tell, I’ll probably try it, on a smaller scale though.

Great Post. I think I’m going to start doing guest posts. Just need to find bloggers who will want my articles. I admire you

hey oniba, nice post. pls adjust the size of your blog’s font. it’s too tiny for reading.

This is a really great post for someone so young. How do you come up with your ideas for guest posting?

Dwight Anthony

Wow! Seriously? 31 posts in 1 week? You really are a professional blogger Oni, and a great one at that. I can hardly write 4 posts in one week in my own blog. Really amazing!

Jamie Northrupsays:

Hey Oni,

Since I’ve started getting to know you and your blog a few months ago, I have to say you always have great things to say, which is even more amazing based on the amount you write!

I’m having my first guest post published on ProBlogger in the next few days, which I’m excited for, but after being rejected on some other bigger blogs, I think I will refocus on getting a lot on the smaller and medium sized blogs thanks to this post.

I relate a lot with what you say, specially not being an SEO pro, because I’m not also, but I understand the basics, and will do my own case study for my blog soon.

Hi Jamie,

Congrats on the Problogger guest post! I’m so glad that you will soon be featured on Problogger, and I’m pretty sure the guest post will be a great read 🙂

A really concise case study. Make me want to do more guest posts. I’d love to do a guest post here. Heh

Great site and great article. I’m curious about the design of your site. Is it based on WordPress? Also, is the site based on a template or did you custom design it?

Interesting insights Oni, Good to see that your efforts are paying you well. Its a good way to improve ranking. One suggestion – DO NOT SHARE YOUR KEYWORDS, usually competitors and spammers would outbeat you if they know the keywords that you are trying to rank for. This I tell you based on a silly SEO contest that shoemoney conducted and regretted that he conducted the contest.

I just learnt something again I must say I need to write more with key words in mind.

Good reminder



Jerrywhyte Obamwonyisays:

Great work Bamidele, though i am on a different internet marketing plan from yours, i must say you are doing a great work

Your guest blogging experiment intrigues me. If you were rather looking for putting your keywords then why didn’t you go for comment luv enabled blogs where you can put the keyword along with the name. Won’t guest blogging and commenting with the keywords have the same impact. Or is it my limited knowledge of seo speaking. Anyway guide me

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Actually, most comments are no follow and comment luv blogs only show your recent posts and their titles, not the exact keywords you want to rank for; guest posts, however, are not only more impactful but also allow you to use exact keywords you want to rank for. I think this is very important.

Friend there are comment luv premium enabled blogs which allow upto three keywords along with your name and you can put whichever url you want in the post url tab. For example [email protected] money blog is allowed on comment luv premium enabled blogs, like probloggingsuccess which can be attached to my post say how i made money online. So am i still missing something.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

But then, everyone can get their links in the comment; further diluting the value of each link as comments increase. Most blog’s comments are also nofollow.

With guest posts, however, the spotlight is on YOU alone.

wow excellence comes from hard work doesn’t it.

how are you tweaking your strategy for 2013?

Excellent way to increase your traffic, my blog doesn’t receive that much traffic yet and I am planning on implementing your 31 guest posts tactic. Thanks for sharing I will be more than happy to display my results when I receive them on my own blog.

Cheers! Jake.

hi i am new to seo basically i do it only for my website 15 days before on my website title bar there are 4 keywords, for first keyword my website rank 9 position on google and second keyword my website rank 13 position on google search but when i change first keyword to second and second to first both keyword ranks 300+ on google search why this happen i am confuse

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