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3 Great Marketing Strategies You Must Know

great internet marketing strategiesIf you have been observing this blog for some days now you will discovered I have not updated it for the past four days (which is unusual), I actually travelled and I had no access to the internet where i travelled to, I am glad I am back and we will both enjoy ourselves.

I travelled to the Redemption Camp of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (with over 5 million people in attendance) and within my 3 days stay there I can tell you there is a lot I learned, one of my lessons is about marketing and this post will be giving you some insights into that.

Even though many people tend to practice unethical marketing which they believe is the best, this post will be proving to you that unethical marketing doesn’t pay – it just doesn’t.

I will be giving insights into three great marketing strategies I learned below so read carefully.

A Lesson From The PopCorn Seller

This might look funny, but there sure is some great lessons to be learned!
I went to the redemption camp with my brother and friends and along the line we were walking around where things are being sold when my brother walked to a woman selling popcorn, with the way my brother did I knew he had no interest in buying the popcorn but lets see how he eventually bought it!

Immediately my brother got to this popcorn seller to ask her how much the popcorn is she immediately gave him and those around him to taste it telling him the type of popcorn it is and why it is good for him, my brother has no real intention of buying this popcorn but due to this woman’s action he has to! (I confirmed this from him also).

What can this teach us?

There is a lot to be learned from this woman’s action but one major thing to learn is the benefit of using free trials. Many people ignore the importance of using free trials when they are marketing their products but this helps a lot.

One great truth is that a lot of people are skeptic about the quality of your product and they are always afraid to buy it, they are not sure they will get their money’s worth and if this is not fixed you will lose a lot of potential buyers.

You might feel concerned but you shouldn’t if you have a high quality product which you are sure of.

It does not matter which product you have, be it an ebook or a membership site, this method works and I will be giving you some insights into how to get the best from it using various forms.

1. A Paid Ebook: You might be wondering how you can get people to have a free trial of a paid ebook but here is what works.

When trying to get the best sales for your paid ebook, what you will do is that you will compile one or two great chapters into a separate ebook and give it to people for free while telling them to get the paid ebook for more great information and tips, for example, if you have an ebook with 10 chapters, you might want to give free access to chapter 3 while writing a text on the top and bottom of the ebook indicating that is just a trial version of your paid ebook and that they can get the full version by buying it from your website.

One great benefit of this is that free things tend to go viral and some percentage of those getting your ebook for free will buy from you (they wouldn’t have bought it if you have no free option).

Another great advantage of this method is that you can use it to build your list by telling them to enter their first name and email address and that you will be sending them a preview chapter of your ebook.

2. A Membership Site or Paid Forum: You can also use this for membership sites and paid forums by telling people to register for a free trial of your product.

Depending on you, the trial might be free or very cheap (but free works best) and it should only last for three days because this should be enough time for them to test your product.

If you have a paid forum then I will advise you to only allow them access to some sections for free but in order for them to have full access to all sections they would have to pay.

A Lesson From the Butter Seller

Another great lesson was learned from the butter seller who didn’t have the product we wanted to buy at hand but see how he influenced us to buy something higher.

A friend of mine who was with us wanted to buy butter and the fellow we met has the one that is more bigger than the original one he needed, my friend told him what he wanted but the butter seller told him to wait a little that what he wanted to buy is not presently available and they will get it for him soon, after a few moments of waiting I was telling my friend that my leg is aching me that we should be going, only to discover him eating chewing gum, the next thing he did was that he was asking me if I wanted, I rejected it due to my health (I almost died due to stomach problems on monday – thank God for saving me).

I was asking him why he bought the chewing gums only for him to tell me it was the butter seller who gave him for free. He now has no choice than to wait ๐Ÿ˜‰

After waiting a few more minutes my friend decided to buy a bigger product which was about double the prize of the first one ๐Ÿ™‚

What this teaches us!

There are a lot of lessons to be learned from this but one major lesson is “the power of FREE“.

When trying to market your products, it does not matter how great or effective it is, making use of this power will help you get better results.

How can this be used?

The power of free can be used online in form of bonuses, you will often miss a lot of sales due to you not having bonuses, try to include some bonuses and you will see sales skyrocket.

People love free things and they almost forget their senses when they come around this. If you are selling an IM product for $47 then you might want to give people some great IM products, softwares and services for free as a result of them buying your product, the end result will be this people seeing the free products and forgetting about the price of yours thereby buying from you immediately.

It is very important to be seriously careful when trying to market your products using bonuses because this has made many people lose sales they wouldn’t have otherwise losed.

It is very important not to just include any product as a bonus but to include high quality and important products that still has a great market demand because this will help you make more sales. Another thing is that the type of bonus product you use will portray you so you should be careful when doing this.

Using Unethical Marketing to Destroy Your Business

The Story of the Bread Woman

When talking about marketing, many people have destroyed their business due to their unethical marketing practices.

This also happened in the redemption camp. I wanted to buy bread, two of different sizes. The first bread seller I saw was already pointing her bread to me without me asking, I wanted to buy the size she was pointing to me and a smaller size and I asked her if she was having the smaller size and she just looked down at me and took her product down without answering a word. I was so annoyed and I left the place.

There are several implications in this aspect, this woman lost me and discouraged me from buying the bread I wanted to buy from her, she also discouraged me from being a future customer.

Unethical marketing is bad and it is very important not to indulge yourself in it because it can be so disastrous. There are many disadvantages of unethical marketing and the worst aspect of it is that it can make you lose your potential future customers. This was exactly what happened in this woman’s case.


You will notice how the first two examples gained more customers because of their good marketing ethics and how the last woman lost a future customer due to her unethical marketing practices. Unethical marketing might look profitable at first sight but it is not, anything aggressive is dangerous!ย  Which do you think is better, ethical or unethical marketing?

Action Part!

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23 Comments on "3 Great Marketing Strategies You Must Know"

  1. says:

    Hi Onibalusi
    Obviously ethical marketing works and works for longest time.
    And the word free has a real power to stop human which is well explained here.
    Thanks For Sharing

    • Exactly Abishek,

      Free things are very powerful and being ethical is really very important.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

  2. samuel says:

    Nice one there! the power behind “free” is very powerful! those two entrepreneurs have a gud sense(i mean they are genuis) in marketing! its not about going to school before you can be a good marketer, it all bout creativity. LOL hope u are gud bro and i hope you remember me in prayer? mehn naija with free tasting gud one.kip the good work up bro.

    • Yeah Bro,

      FREE things are killers and everybody like them, it is very important to leverage their like of it to your advantage thereby increasing more sales on your side.

  3. Oni.. great post bro

    The power of FREE – it’s crazy how many different ways you can use FREE in your marketing to either increase sales.. Free is very powerful and you explained it very well in this article..

    thanks for sharing
    talk soon
    Hector Cuevas

    p.s I’m actually thinking about adding an ‘exit-pop’ to my salespage and giving away a free trial just like you mentioned here.. (hmm)

    • Great Hector,

      Exactly! FREE things really make a differenet because it oftens takes control of people ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Concerning the exit-pop, sure! That is exactly a great way to utilize it, this will help you benefit on both sides.

  4. Paul @ Container Gardening says:

    Very interesting Oni! Marketing is everywhere and in my opinion vendors are the best marketers ever since. Good thing you have learned a lot on your trip and thanks for sharing all these to us. Thanks!

    • Exactly Paul,

      Marketing is really everywhere and those vendors have a lot of knowledge from their years of experience.

  5. alena says:

    thanks for nice tips

  6. Its funny how we can learn from everyday experiences and relate it to our work. This is actually a very good example for online marketers. Thanks Oni!

    • Exactly John,

      I tend to take notes of things around me and sometimes relate them to blogging because there is a lot to be learned from this.

  7. It is very important not to use unethical marketing, because it will backfire one day. There is lots of ethical marketing strategies to follow, which will give you rest of mind always.

    • Exactly Luqman,

      Unethical marketing can be dangerous and the results will be more than what you bargained for, why practice it?

  8. Michael says:

    Hi Onibalusi

    Yes, as a professional sales person I agree with everything you say here – add on value increases sales in the immediate term – ethical marketing builds trust and confidence and increases sales in the long term. Unethical marketing is just not worth it.

    Thanks for the excellent post.


  9. Lye Kuek Hin says:

    Hi Oni,

    I learnt a lot from this post. Most people love free things and it double the marketing results if your freebies is of high quality. I learnt an additional thing from you from this post. “Post ideas can be anywhere near your life as long as you are observant and creative”.

    Nice work there Oni.


    • Exactly Lye,

      Many people love free things and if you could effectively use this to your advantage then you will keep on rocking!

      Thanks so much for commenting!

  10. Power of free is definitely the thing that I agree the most. We can sometimes take some risk of giving freebies as to promote the products that we sell. People will surely check on it and it would be their judgement if they like what we sell.

    This is really a smart article Oni. I have friends who have businesses. I can check if they had given free stuff.

    • Hi Ernest,

      Exactly! Free things are very powerful and can really nake the difference between sales and no sales.

      Thanks so much for commenting,

  11. Very nice post. I am really impressed. Keep it up.
    Thank you very much.

  12. Tinh says:

    Another great article and I can not share anything more as it is great!

  13. Nice Oni! I believe that you also mentioned the power of free on other blog post you made. This is good that you include it on your tips. I also wanna add another strategy that really helps us improving our marketing strategy. Think of something quirky that adds branding to your services or blog which you also mentioned on your other post… I recently read a blog about a seller who sells tea bags and he has unique designs that even you are not a teas lover you will be encourage to buy one. My point is putting something unusual to your marketing strategy will definitely create branding and uniqueness.


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