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28 Life Magazines That Pay Writers

life magazines that pay writers

Life magazines are very popular with writers because quite a lot of their work is produced by freelancers. Many of them publish one-off articles from writers, as long as they are familiar with their voice and interests. Life magazines also tend to publish a wider range of topics and target readers from a variety of backgrounds and interests.

Here is our definitive list of 28 life magazines that pay writers. Check out their website for complete guidance of how to submit work to them.

Note: For more magazines that pay writers, check out our list of magazines that pay writers.

1. Ruralite Magazine

Pay: $500

Ruralite magazine is a general-interest publication, used by 48 rural electric cooperatives and PUDs in seven Western states to communicate with their members. They invite prospective writers to send in queries to be assigned a commissioned article. Please expect to send in visuals with your submission.

Ruralite magazine pays $500 for a well-illustrated article, and payment is made upon acceptance.

2. Russian Life Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Russian Life is a publication which covers an eclectic mix of materials related to Russia – both in images and in writing. They expect writers to read previous issues of the magazine to understand their style and content. This publication welcomes queries only and expects them to come with previous work samples. Submissions are made through an online form, so do check this before starting work.

Payment is negotiated upon pitching the magazine.

3. WindSpeaker Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

WindSpeaker magazine is dedicated to events, news, and information about Aboriginal people and their communities. Their call for submissions is for articles no more than 800 words in length. Copies should be accompanied by visuals to be considered for publication.

Writers should expect to discuss payment when querying the magazine.

4. AARP The Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

AARP The Magazine publishes a good mix of general interest and life topics. They encourage writers to read their submission guidelines page carefully before writing to the magazine.  Please send queries only. Do read AARP’s guidelines page to get a feel of acceptable topics.

Payment should be negotiated when pitching the magazine.

5. ADDitude Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

ADDitude Magazine publishes articles related to attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities, and related conditions. Writers are expected to read previous copies of the magazine before sending in queries. Recent writing samples will also be required.

Payment is negotiated upon pitching the magazine.

6. Alaska Airlines 

Pay: $700

Alaska Airlines Magazine is a monthly in-flight publication, which informs and entertains a well-educated, sophisticated and affluent audience. They expect article to be accompanied by vivid visual images, and work with queries only.

Alaska Airlines pays up to $700 for features, and payment is made upon publication.

7. Avenue Edmonton Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Avenue Edmonton Magazine is a city and lifestyle magazine, providing insight into how communities are evolving and offering guidance to living. They encourage freelancers to submit stories between 500 and 2,000 words in length. This publication works with queries only, and articles should be of relevance to Edmonton readers.

Payment is negotiated when querying the magazine.

8. CATALYST Magazine

Pay: 10 cents per word

CATALYST Magazine has served as Salt Lake City’s resource for creative living. Writers should read their submission guidelines page for information on the kind of topics they accept. Do also read previous issues of the magazine before querying. There’s a wealth of information on their website.

Payment is 10 cent per word. This is made upon publication.

9. Coastal Living Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Coastal Living magazine publishes information about living on water, or living on shores along the Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf Shores of North America. Full manuscripts are discouraged, as they work on a query basis and expect writers to pitch the appropriate personnel on planned topics.

Writers should expect to discuss payment with editors upon pitching.

10. Cottage Life Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

“Cottage Life is the magazine for and about water-based cottagers.” They invite freelancers to submit feature articles of no more than 3,000 words in length. This publication works on query basis only and expects articles to revolve around the magazine’s subjects. There are detailed submission guidelines on their website, so do consult these before writing anything.

Payment is made upon acceptance.

11. Country Magazine

Pay: $250

Country Magazine celebrates the breathtaking beauty, engaging people, enduring values and spiritually rewarding lifestyle of the American countryside. They encourage freelancers who  submit work to also include an image if they wish to be considered for publication. This magazine receive queries only, and they pay $250 per published page.

Payment is made upon publication.

12. Covey Rise Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Covey Rise is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to upland sporting lifestyle. Feature articles are expected to be between 1,000 and 1,500 words in length. Writers are encouraged to read previous issues of the magazine to understand the style and type of content they publish.

Payment is discussed with the magazine when querying.

13. DeSoto Magazine

Pay: 15 cents per word

DeSoto Magazine is a well-read lifestyle publication, focused on stories about life in Mississippi, Memphis and the Southeast. They welcome pitches only and writers are expected to submit writing samples with their queries. DeSoto magazine pays 15 cents per word. Check out their writing guidelines before starting work.

Payment is made within 60 days of publication.

14. Experience Life Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Experience Life magazine is an award-winning health and fitness publication. It is dedicated to empowering people to become their healthiest selves. They expect feature articles to be between 2,500 and 3,500 words in length. Potential freelancers are encouraged to read previous issues of the magazine before pitching. Do consult their detailed topic and writing guidelines on their website before you query them.

This publication will negotiate payment with the writer at the point of pitching.

15. Family Tree Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Family Tree Magazine is a special-interest consumer magazine that helps readers discover, preserve and celebrate their family’s history. Queries are welcome.  Content is solicited months ahead of publication date, so planning is very important.

Payment is discussed when pitching the magazine.

16. Garden and Gun

Pay: Unspecified

Garden and Gun covers the best of the South, including sporting culture, food, music, art, literature, people and more. They expect prospective freelancers to send queries via email to be given a commissioned article.

Payment is negotiated at the point of querying the magazine.

17. Home School Life Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Home School Life is published to educate audiences on the value of homeschooling. They expect and welcome queries only. Writers are invited to read previous issues of the magazine to get a feel of the things they publish.

Payment is discussed upon pitching the magazine.

18. Indian Life Ministries

Pay: $150

Indian Life Ministries is designed to help the Native North American church speak to the social, cultural and spiritual needs of her people. This publication reaches every province and state of English-speaking North America. They expect articles to be no more than 2,000 words. Indian Life Ministries reads manuscripts, but prefers to receive queries in the first instance.

Payment is made upon publication.

19. International Living Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

International Living Magazine publishes information to help people retire and settle down overseas. Prospective writers (who should be expats living overseas) are invited to read previous editions of the magazine before sending pitches.

Please expect to negotiate payment when pitching the magazine.

20. LA Affairs 

Pay: Unspecified

LA Affairs is a Los Angeles Times column about the current dating scene in and around Los Angeles. Their call for submissions is for articles written in the present form. Pieces should be between 800 and 900 words in length. If you wish to write for this publication, please pay attention to the guidelines on their website.

Payment will be discussed upon pitching the magazine.

21. Outlook By The Bay

Pay: Unspecified

Outlook By The Bay is a bi-monthly magazine marketed to the active Chesapeake Bay area senior. Freelancers are invited to submit articles between 500 and 1,500 words in length – with sidebar information. Do read the guidelines carefully to get ideas on topics they are happy to accept.

Payment will be worked out with the editor, and made upon publication.

22. Power For Living

Pay: $375

Power for Living is a  widely-read, quarterly publication for adult Christian readers. It’s distributed on a subscription basis through churches, business organizations, and individuals. They invite freelancers to submit articles between 1,400 and 1,600 words in length. This publication works on query basis, and writers are expected to send writing samples with their query letters.

Payment is made 3 weeks after acceptance.

23. Recreation News 

Pay: $300

Recreation News provides recreational information for Government and private employees to enjoy in their leisure time. This publication welcomes queries only, and writers are encouraged to read previous issues of the magazine before pitching. They have published detailed guidelines on their website, so please read these before starting work.

Recreation News pays up to $300 per story (with images), and payment is made upon publication.

24. Senior Living Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Senior Living Magazine covers articles that portray seniors and “pre-seniors” engaged in “active living” in British Columbia. Prospective freelancers should send queries with previously published work. Consult their website for more detailed information. Photos are also welcome.

Be prepared to discuss payment with the editor when pitching.

25. North Coast Journal 

Pay: Unspecified

North Coast Journal covers an eclectic mix of things related to living in the North Coast, ranging from food and wine, to culture. They expect writers to send three different topic ideas as  pitches. Feature stories should be no more than 4,000 words in length. Writers should read their insightful instructions on their page, as they offer a wealth of information.

North Coast Journal pays $400 for features, and payment is made upon publication.

26. Today’s Christian Living

Pay: $150

Today’s Christian Living is a bi-monthly magazine that encourages, equips, and engages Christians of all ages. They discourage queries and welcome complete manuscripts from writers. Articles should be no more than 1,600 words in length. Please see their page for inspiration on topics they like to publish.

This publication pays up to $150, and payment is sent within 60 days of publication.

27. Whole Life Times Magazine 

Pay: $150

Whole Life Times is a bi-monthly magazine serving the worldwide holistic community. Their content is mainly written by freelancers, so you stand a good chance of being published by them. This publication is in need of content on holistic and integrative health. They welcome both queries and complete manuscripts.

Payment is up to $150 for articles – made within 30 days of publication.

28. Wise Publishing Group

Pay: Unspecified

Wise Publishing Group is dedicated to content for seniors and retired people. They work with an editorial theme and expect writers to follow published guidelines. Freelancers are invited to send in query letters, along with some writing samples.

Payment varies according to length and complexity of the article.


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