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How Jesse Tevelow Made $25,000 With His First Book, The Connection Algorithm

When Jesse Tevelow decided to write his first book, The Connection Algorithm, he didn’t know much about writing and marketing books. Still, he decided to go the self-publishing route.

He launched the book in May 2015. Eventually, The Connection Algorithm went on to become a #1 bestseller, and brought in $25,000 in royalties within the first year of publication.

How did Jesse, a first-time author, manage to make The Connection Algorithm a success? Find out in our interview with him below.

Jesse Tevelow

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20 Equestrian Magazines That Pay Writers

equestrian magazines that pay writers

This list of equestrian magazines that pay is probably the most definitive collection of this sort on the web. For readers who enjoy horses and/or reading about them, these publications can provide a whole lot of enjoyment. Freelancers who work in this field can be horse owners and riders, as well as those who merely research their material.

If you fit into the former category, you stand a good chance of being published by quite a few of the following magazines.

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How Ali Luke Used Her Writing Skills to Create Multiple Streams of Income

Ali Luke

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We all know how volatile freelance writing can be.

One moment everything is running smoothly, and in the next breath a major client decides to drop you, causing you to lose a significant percentage of your income in an instant. How can you insure yourself against this kind of thing? Simple – by having multiple streams of income!

“From the very start of my career, I was aware that it would be a mistake to purely freelance and to never have any other income coming in, so I always had more than one streams of income,” says Ali Luke. “I definitely recommend other freelancers find some time to spend on their own projects.”

Now, almost a decade after she started her freelance writing career, Ali has money coming in from client work; from her e-Books; from her membership site; from her novels; and even from a couple of websites she hasn’t updated in years.

freelance writing magazines that pay writers

Fishing Magazines That Pay Writers

fishing magazines that pay writers

Fishing magazines can sometimes be difficult to break into because compared to other genres, there aren’t that many of them out there. However, we’ve done the hard work to get you a list of the best fishing magazines that pay their writers – and pay them well.

Please peruse the following publications and study their websites carefully. Many of them encourage new and upcoming writers to submit work to them, but be prepared to send in a list of your previously published work in many cases. A number of them also have quite distinctive guidelines for submissions, which include photography, so make yourself acquainted with these before pitching.

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Earn Your First $1000 Challenge freelance writing

Earn Your First $1,000 as a Freelance Writer: How to Determine Your Rates as a Freelance Writer

Ever since starting the Earn Your First $1,000 as a Freelance Writer challenge, a question I get asked a lot is that of how to charge clients. How do you ensure you are charging the right amount? How do you ensure you’re not cheating yourself? How do you ensure that the amount you demand won’t scare your clients away?

It’s easy to point you to some “standard” rate list, but I won’t do that. Instead, I’ll give you practical advice on how to charge your clients.

Also, I’ll be honest with you: despite my years of experience as a freelance writer, I still have fears when I give new clients my rate. What if they find my rate too high? What if they don’t reply? Indeed, many do not reply. However, as I later conclude in this article, the solution isn’t to go as low as potential clients are willing to go; the solution is to find clients who are willing to pay your rates no matter how “high” it is.

Instead of writing a fresh article, I decided to update one I had already written on the subject of charging clients. Enjoy!