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Meet Rachel Abbott, The Self-Published Author Who Sold 2 Million Books

When Rachel Abbott wrote her first novel, Only the Innocent, she didn’t intend to publish it, but her family and friends who liked the book convinced her to publish it, so she released it in November 2011.

Three months later, Only the Innocent hit #1 spot in the entire Amazon UK Kindle store. It remained in the top spot for four weeks, eventually becoming Amazon UK’s second bestselling self-published title of 2012.

Today, Rachel Abbott has six novels under her belt, and she has sold over 2 million copies of her books. How did she manage to go from amateur writer to one of the most popular crime fiction authors in UK? Find out in our interview with her.


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17 Women’s Magazines That Pay Writers

women magazines

Women’s magazines, through the ages, have been the go-to writing opportunity for both seasoned and amateur writers. There are literally thousands of women’s magazines, covering all aspects of the female existence; from basic gossip publications, to health, parenting, dating, the list goes on. Because there are so many publications dedicated to women, many of them will accept work from freelancers without the promise of payment. Many also regularly give away prizes for tips and photographs.

Our list below deals exclusively with woman magazines that pay writers. In all cases, more detailed information can be found on their guidelines pages.

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22 History Magazines That Pay Writers

history magazines

History magazines appeal to a niche market simply because members of the general public are not all keen on historical news and occurrences. While this fact seems to make this type of publication harder to break into, the opposite is the case. With a limited number of history writers vying for freelance positions in this arena, this makes your task much easier if you’re a new history writer looking for writing work.

Here are twenty-two history magazines for you to peruse and pitch.

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How a 21-Year-Old Student From Lithuania Became a Forbes Contributor


Forbes is one of the most influential business publications in the world.

There are a lot of benefits that come with writing for such an established outlet: it gives you exposure, increases your credibility and makes it easier to attract potential clients. Who wouldn’t want to have “As seen on Forbes” on their portfolio website?

It’s not that easy to get published on Forbes, however. Every day, tons of writers pitch Forbes editors, and most of them get rejected. So how did Laura K. Inamedinova, a 21-year-old student who started writing about business only 8 months ago, manage to become a contributor?

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22 Design Magazines That Pay Writers

design magazines

Design magazines run exciting projects, and freelancers queue up to work for them. In this new list of paying magazines, we’ve trawled the Internet to find the best design publications, offering the most profitable and interesting gigs. Many of these magazines accept work from new writers, but please study their websites in detail, so you know what information they require when you submit your pitch.

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