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9 Easy Ways To Turn A Boring Topic Into A Killer Article

Staring at a blank page is a feeling that every writer knows well. It’s even harder when you’ve got a ‘boring’ or ‘dull’ topic ahead of you. But here’s the secret: There is no such thing as a boring topic. If you can find the right angle, the right audience, and the right tone, then […]

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Get Clients

It is every writer’s dream to get more clients. However, there’s a right and wrong way to get clients and there are mistakes you should avoid like the plague. Here are 10 mistakes you should avoid when trying to get clients:

50 Websites that Pay Writers $50+ Per Article

I’ve published a number of lists of sites that pay writers over the years and my lists have been overwhelmingly received. Today, I’d like to give you 50 websites that pay writers at least $50 per article; some of the sites featured pay $50 to $150 per article and some pay as much as $200 […]

How I Went from $15 to $450 per Article in Under 90 Days

By Dan Stelter So let me start out this story to make it clear the point is not to brag.  Instead, I’m sharing it because I know what it’s like to work for ridiculously low article rates and wondering how in the heck to get out of it! It’s not a pleasant place to be […]

A Scientifically Proven Way to Massively Boost Your Productivity

It can be surprising how most of our days go to waste. You login to your computer early in the morning, hoping to get some serious work done, only to realize 5 hours later that you haven’t really done anything; you’ve only been checking Facebook, Twitter, and your email every other minute and you can’t […]


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