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4 Ridiculously Easy Steps to Write a Good Outline for Your Articles

A reader asked: “Hi, Bamidele. I can gladly say that you’ve been an inspiration in my life. I just started to explore online content writing and I’m experiencing some difficulties in forming a good outline for my articles. Do you have any tips and pointers that can help?“ I’ll be sharing the format I use […]

Weird Jobs of 11 Famous Writers

Do you know that Stephen King was once a Janitor in a high school? Or that Charles Dickens once worked labelling jars in a shoe polish factory? It’s interesting how much can happen if you focus on your craft and don’t give up, and this infographic reveals weird jobs 11 of the world’s famous writers once held. I […]

10 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Find Article Ideas

Myra asked: “My problem is that I have been off work for long and when I think about coming back now, I can’t find topics to write about. How do I come up with interesting ideas?” I get lots of variations of this question from writers, and it makes sense that this is a major concern; […]

Get Paid Without Paypal: Alternative Payment Options for International Writers

Due to being a non-native English freelance writer, my blog is being read by tens of thousands of other non-native English writers and it’s understandable that you’ll want a convenient way to get paid after writing for clients. “I’m in a country not supported by Paypal, how do I get my clients to pay me without Paypal?” […]

Hassan rocking this freelance writing stuff!

Hey, Hassan Ud-deen sent me the follow email recently: “Hey Oni, How you doing? Hope you’re keeping well. Just messaging you for some things I wanted to share with you.


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