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Why You Have to Think Like an Entrepreneur to Make Money as a Writer

By Susan Shain

You’re a writer. Whether it’s scenes, characters or blog posts, your passion is creating.

What your passion probably is not? Business. Budgets, marketing, networking — they make your head swirl.

But without a firm business foundation, you’ll never make money as a writer. Sure, you may find some success because you’re talented — but to truly grow your business and get paid what you’re worth, you have to start thinking like an entrepreneur.

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5 Mistakes Crippling Your Writer Website

I’ve gotten countless emails from readers who wanted me to review their writer website and offer feedback to help them better position their website to attract more clients. I’ve also coached dozens of writers to ensure their website is well set up to attract clients.

The more writer websites I review, the more I start to realize they have some things in common.