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The Writer’s Guide to Winning E-Negotiations (The Art of Persuasion)

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There’s only one message that runs through the veins of this blog and that is, “How to help Writers Get Paid What They’re Worth”.

Various tactics have been shared that help us as freelance writers boost quality and confidence but the truth is that the “How to” of getting paid your worth is never complete without learning one of the most important ingredients in business success.

This ingredient is what has made businesses grow from zero to hero within a period of time…

It’s this same ingredient that allows internet entrepreneurs live the kind of lifestyle they choose…

And this same ingredient has the power to help you earn up to $200 per article or more depending on how you use it…

So what’s this special ingredient?

It’s Negotiation, and in this guide, you’ll get to know the science behind negotiation plus actionable tips on how to apply it to your freelance writing career.

freelance writing

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Freelance Writing Jobs

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It’s July 2008 as I’m sitting in my room, holding my shiny new Master’s Degree in Computer Science, and making up my mind about staying at the univ to become what the western world calls a Doctor of Science.

Sounds like a life-defining career choice, doesn’t it?

October that year is my first month as a serious scientist, with a room on the top floor of the building (given to me by pure chance, still counts though) and a schedule of lectures that I needed to give (instead of sitting in the back and being bored – my usual).

Fast forward one year later, and it turns out that my initial decision wasn’t life-defining at all… I’m a freelance writer now – a profession that basically has nothing to do with my computer science degree, yet (as it turned out) it gives me freedom to travel Europe, work from anywhere, follow my passions, and be able to support myself without going insane and working 12 hours a day.