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6 Reasons You Will Never Succeed As A Freelance Writer

By Shuchi 

If you have been on the freelancing battleground for quite some time and haven’t made much headway, it might be a sign that something is amiss. It could be something that you are doing wrong (which is actually very good news because you can always fix it with a little effort), or it could be something more serious, i.e. you are in the wrong place and freelance writing really isn’t the career for you.

Now, this article in no way intends to demean or discourage anyone who wants to make a living out of writing, but after having worked with a large number of writers at my firm (Pixie Dust Writing Studio) and having hosted a blogging contest on my blog (which received 83 entries, mostly by people who call themselves professional writers), I feel compelled to share my observations. To top this, I receive AT LEAST ten unsolicited emails everyday from writers of all kinds, which has given me a fair idea of what goes around in the market. So, here is my (very well-meaning) list of things that I believe are a recipe for disaster.