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The Secret to Natural Linking in Your Posts

A lot of businesses who’ve advertised their sites and services (through guest blogging) on my blogs through the years have – in the past 6 months – contacted me. There was a common thread running through all the emails I received from these people. They all said that their sites had been badly ‘slapped’ by […]

5 Must Do Habits For a Successful Freelance Writing Business

Are you earning a living as a freelance writer? If you answered yes then you’re also a business man or woman. It became a business from the moment you started making money from your writing. Whether it was a few dollars or lots of dollars. You’re now your own boss! That title comes with loads […]

5 Reasons Why You Never Get Repeat Business As a Freelance Writer

By Jackson I like to tell people that writers rule the internet – but not just the internet, they rule the world at large. Everything that’s read today be it articles, books, e-books or otherwise, they are all written by writers. I usually remind myself of this fact each time I need some motivation to […]

3 Easy Steps to Increasing Your Freelance Writing Rates

By Daryl There are many of you who feel that you’re not making enough as freelance writers. You slave away at the computer, head bowed, elbows aching, and eyes watering from clattering away at your keyboard for that client who promised you “bulk work” in the form of 50 articles for the princely sum of […]

How to Diversify Your Freelance Writing Time as a Working Man

So, you are a freelance writer (or a freelancer in general) but not working full time yet? If that’s a “yes” then you know very well how difficult it can be to reconcile all your responsibilities and be able to maintain high productivity in both – your job and your new freelancing career. Not to mention your personal life, family, and so on…


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