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Hiring a Freelance Contractor: 7 Top Tips to Success

By Paul

More and more these days we’re hiring freelance contractors to conduct all manner of jobs for our businesses. From web design, to graphic design, copywriting, and just about any other task you can possibly think of, the online freelance skills market is broad-ranging and vibrant. However, no matter which skills set you’re looking to engage, there are still some hard and fast rules that you should live by when making your decision to hire. To help you get the best possible result when hiring your next freelance contractor, make you sure you keep in mind the following top tips.


10 ways to Jump-Start a stagnant Blog

By Steff Green

An unexplainable plateau in audience numbers is every blogger’s worst nightmare. Your content is sweet, you’re doing all your usual promo yet no new fish are nibbling at the bait. How do you get out of the popularity rut and reach a wealth of new eager readers?

Here are ten strategies for increasing your reach and rejuvenating your blog.

freelance writing

Don’t Compete With Other Freelance Writers on Price

By Kalen

Starting a career as a freelance writer isn’t easy. You need to perfect your craft, build a portfolio and convince your first clients that they should hire you over others. Securing clients can seem overwhelming at first, because you are going to be competing with other writers around the world. Many writers believe that the best thing they can do is lower their rate so that they can attract more clients. This is not a strategy you should follow.

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5 Things to do in Your First Week as a Freelance Writer

By Jawad

Every new phase of life usually brings excitement and anticipation with it. Most of us can still recall the emotions on our first day at school or the first time we were invited for a job interview.

You should expect the same in your first few days as a freelance writer as well. For most newbies, the aims are high and the energy levels are at their peak. There are lots of ideas in your mind and there’s a buzz about your personality.

However, it’s the way you utilize this energy that decides how successful you eventually turn out to be as a freelance writer.

This is why your first week as a freelance writer is extremely critical. A good start might give you momentum to leave more experienced writers behind, while a bad start might never let you settle down in this quickly evolving industry.

Here are 5 things you should get done in your first week as a freelance writer to give your career a solid start.

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How to Do Location-Independent Freelance Writing – The All You Need to Know Guide

Well, since it’s the middle of the summer (depends on where you’re at currently, though), I thought I’d share a thing or two about how I manage to freelance regardless of the location I’m at, and how you can do the same.

This post actually includes both the techniques and tools I’ve tested before, and the ones I am yet to test as they seem like they are capable of making things a lot easier.

But first…