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5 Ways a Freelance Writer Can Be Likened to an Orange

How can you compare a freelance writer to  an orange? Well, as I peeled an orange this morning, I saw the connection between the two. Let’s take a close look at an orange and break their sections down into their categories. You’ll then see the similarities. And you’ll never look at an orange the same […]

The A to Z Guide to Writing Quality Content

By Seun Successful writers and bloggers have one thing in common; and that is – they provide “quality content”, period! Quality content is simply articles, blog posts and nuggets of literature that is “worth reading” by any standard. Seriously, why would anyone spend their valuable time reading content that is packed with fluff and would […]

Writing Is Like Using The Gym

By Anne We’re half way through the year and for many people, new year’s resolutions have been long forgotten. I remember reading a research online that said one of the two most widely abandoned resolutions is using the gym  (losing weight – a connected resolution – is the second one). People promise themselves to lose […]

5 Not-So-Obvious Challenges a First-Time Author Has to Face

By Karol Just a couple of weeks ago I wrapped my series here on Writers in Charge titled “Just Got a Book Deal … Now What?!” The series was about my initial experience with a big publishing company and some first-hand insights into what I was doing and how. Also, I talked about how I […]


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