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How to Make Sure You Get Paid to Write

By Kirsty

If you write for the love of the game or perhaps as an outlet for your creative genius, then kudos to you. I did that for a while too. It was a glorious time. Then the bills started rolling in and I figured I should probably try to get paid to write instead as well.

Fast forward almost a year and I’ve managed to pull in some regular freelance clients that actually pay me to write for them each and every month.

If you’ve followed all the sound advice in articles like How to Maximize Your Earning Potential As a Freelance Writer, in theory you too should have well-paying regular clients and can now stop worrying about the bills. The money will roll in every month (or week, or whatever) and you can concentrate on the sole task of writing instead, right?

Well in theory, yes – but only if your clients actually pay you. And only if your clients actually pay you on time.


Why Your Blog Posts Need Structure – and How to Get it Right

Have you ever given up on a blog post part-way through?

Sure, the post contained a few good ideas, but it wasn’t worth the effort of finding them. You were starting to skim before you’d finished the (over-long) introduction, and you got lost in the middle.

Chances are, that blogger who wrote that post didn’t pay sufficient attention to the structure of their post. And they paid the price: you stopped reading, and so did many others.


Do You Recognize the Early Warning Signs of a Lazy Writer?

By June

Writing is not the easiest of jobs. So if you’re a lazy writer, and you depend on your skills to pay your bills and put food on the table, you’re in trouble. But there’s hope. One of my grandmother’s favorite quotes was, “Prevention is better than cure.” In other words, don’t sit in a room full of people with colds, or you’ll get a cold.

How does that relate to writing? If you know the early signs of lazy writers, you can stop yourself from becoming one. Or if you are one, it’s time to take action to change the situation.

I’ve listed some of the signs. Nip them in the bud before they develop. You’ll then be able to take full control of your writing life.


How to Start a Blog: The Basic Step-by-Step Guide

Having a blog can set you apart as a writer.

Do you know that, on average, the hourly rate of freelance writers on freelance bidding sites like oDesk, Elance and is $10 – $15? In fact, most writers only make $2 – $4 per hour on these sites – and they often struggle to get gigs – just because they don’t have a platform.

Having a blog can change this, however.

As a writer, having a blog can effectively position you to:

freelance writing

6 Strong Reasons Why Most Freelance Writers Never See Gold

By Rohan

Most freelance writers don’t see it as such but freelancing is just as entrepreneurial as any other business.

Agreed that freelancing, no matter which skill or expertise it is you trade on, is more like a fancy job you create for yourself. Technically speaking, Freelancing is not exactly like an actual business where you scale up and grow. Freelancing remains more or less a one-person business, albeit with prospects of expanding into a business.

If you’ve ever scratched your head thinking freelancing isn’t working out for you, here are at least six areas for you to ponder on. Hopefully, you’ll realize why you don’t see any gold dust in spite of all the digging you do.