How to Find Your Ideal Audience

What’s the point of writing articles your audience isn’t interested in? You’ll spend just as much time, energy and research on a post no one reads, as you’ll spend on one that goes viral in your circles.

Why not save yourself the time and heartache and get it right the first time. Write an article for your ideal audience, build your profile, enhance your credibility and create value for your brand and your readers – something they’ll be willing to share on their social networking sites and comment on or discuss.

This advice is all well and good. You realise that in order to build a better, more user friendly blog you need to cater for your audience. However, first of all you need to know who these people are. That part isn’t so easy. This is why I’ve put together this article to give you some sound tips on finding your ideal audience.

freelance writing

The Journey of Thousand Steps to Freelance Writing

By Eric

Admit it: you’ve always been a scribbler. Always writing something down, maybe in a journal, or a notepad, or even on your own blog. Maybe you re-purpose others’ posts or articles, putting your own spin on them. And maybe, you feel the time is right for you to take your “scribbling” to another level. You want to step into freelance writing.

We all have to begin somewhere, and making the decision to become a freelancer is that first step, on what may seem to be a journey of a thousand miles. If you enjoy writing, can write well, and would like to work for yourself, then freelancing might be your dream career. But what should you do after making that decision? The obvious thing would be to spread the word.