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Just Got a Book Deal … Now What?! [Part 3]

Hi there and welcome to the third and last part of my short series on getting a book deal. Just to refresh your memory, a while ago, I was contacted by a representative from PACKT Publishing who offered me a book deal. This has led to a number of interesting revelations including this short series where I’m sharing my thoughts and insights.

How To Overcome Writer’s Block

By Agota Writer’s block is one of the biggest obstacles to increasing your productivity as a writer. Many people think that it’s inevitable: the muses can’t always be smiling at you, can they? However, the reality is that when you make a living writing, you can’t really afford to spend hours staring at a blank […]

How Freelance Writers can Take Advantage of Social Media

Guest post by Paul Dunstone Social networks are often an untapped resource for many freelance writers. With literally millions of potential customers and interested readers constantly active in the social sphere, you can be sure that there is much to be gained by increasing the awareness of your written works and skills across social networks.

5 Creative Ways to Recycle A Used Headline

What do you do when you can’t come up with a headline? It’s simple. You recycle a used headline. First, find an impressive post you’ve published on your blog. You could browse through your categories and dig out an old post. Or choose one of the most popular ones. Although you’re searching through your posts, […]

You’re a Talented Writer, 5 Reasons You Might Still Fail!

Guest post by Jawad The world is a funny place. The more you think about it, the more you realize how nature has given each one of us an equal opportunity to succeed in life. I know this is a controversial statement. But this is what I’ve come to conclude from seeing highly under privileged […]


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