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How To Conduct Your Freelance Writing Business Like A Police Officer

What’s freelance writing business got to do with being a police officer? Well, they’ve got a lot in common it seems. If you take a look at a police’s duty, you’ll see that they’re transferable. They can easily be adapted to your business to help you develop or maintain productivity. When I was asked for […]

The Freelance Journey

Guest post by Heather At what point does one assume the freelance writer title? Does the designation require payment for written words? The transition between someone who writes for pleasure verses someone who gets paid to write isn’t necessarily fluid. The Apprentice For years, I worked as a cartographer. At the request of my employer, […]

6 Essential Tax Tips for Freelancers

The bill will soon come due to Uncle Sam. Have you paid your taxes yet? If not, it should be a priority. If the government is serious about anything, it is collecting money from you in a timely manner. Failure to do so can result in stiff penalties, including jail time. Amanda DiSilvestro already noted […]

Reality Check: Do You Really Want to be a Professional Writer?

I used to love writing. People told me to follow my interests so I majored in journalism and after graduation was hired as a copy writer. Like most wide-eyed grads, I was thrilled to land my first real big-boy job and get paid to do what I enjoyed. But that feeling didn’t last long. After […]

How To Write A Powerful Title

Do you know how to write a powerful title? One of the hardest things for new writers to write is a great title. Sometimes writing an article can be easier than writing the title which will sell it. I remember when I first started writing, I came up with what I thought were imaginative titles […]


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