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Manage Your time Effectively or Time Will Manage You

Before I took my writing seriously I had no interest in how to manage time effectively. I wasted time like a child without a sense of responsibility. They’ll happily play from morning till night without a care in the world. They have no sense of time nor are they concerned about wasting it.

But when you’re trying to make money as a freelance writer, time is extremely precious. And time waits for no man or woman for that matter. The reality of the importance of using my time effectively hit me like a slap in the face a few weeks ago. It made me realize that I had to stop procrastinating (a big time waster) and step up my game.

I recently made two major decisions in my life. The first was to move to a bigger house. And that meant more expenses. The other was a massive leap of faith. I handed in my notice at work. I’ll soon be quitting my job to focus on developing my freelance writing business.