The Missing Piece

I sent this email to my newsletter a few weeks ago and the response has been great, so I’m re-posting it here:

Is it possible to make a living writing online?

Is it possible to make a quick living writing online?

Depending on what “quick” means to you, the answer is YES. You probably won’t start your writing business today and start making money immediately, but you can establish the foundation for a reliably successful writing business in just a few months. In my book, that’s quick.

However, while it’s possible to make money writing, most writers WON’T. They don’t have the missing piece needed.

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Is There a Dark Side of Freelancing? (and How to Deal With It)

We all know that, in theory, freelancing is the ultimate dream job … there’s no daily schedule, no one forces you to get up in the morning, no boss to stand behind you, and you can essentially get as much or as little work done every day as you please.

But is it really that great? As it turns out, for many people who have already entered the freelancing world, it isn’t.

And to be honest, I was one of those people at some point. Consumed by the dark side I was (you could say).

So, what does this even mean – what is the dark side of freelancing?

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The One Content Every Blog Needs to Have

Whether you’re a massive corporation that wants more business or a solo freelance writer in need of more clients, having a blog can be of phenomenal impact.

Besides having a blog, something much more important is how often you update your blog and the kind of content you update it with. In fact, recent data from Hubspot has shown that the more content you publish, the more leads you’re likely to attract from your blog. As a result, more bloggers are advocating updating a blog regularly with some bloggers even going as far as recommending having a daily schedule. Having experimented with this for awhile myself, I’ve come to realize something really important:

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The Newbie’s Guide to Writing Amazing Blog Posts

This is a guest post by John Gibb

If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don’t write, because our culture has no use for it.” – Anais Nin

Are you a freelance writer looking to blog for an awesome living?

Then you need to learn the “proper way” of writing amazing blog posts…

For now, let’s skip the biggest dilemma most people get stuck with [I’m not a good writer] and the so-called [I don’t have enough time.]


How To Keep Your Content Fresh

Do you know how to keep your content fresh? Anyone who’s a freelance writer will tell you that one of the most obstinate obstacles they face in their line of work is not research, writing well, or even writing often. It’s keeping their content fresh. After all, if you write day in day out, how do you prevent yourself from churning out the same old, stale material.

One can only write on a topic a few times before writing the identical, old stuff they’re used to. Writers are often asked to write within the same niche – for years in some cases. This is compounded when you have a niche blog and publish material several times a week.

We’ll look at some of the obstacles that prevent us from keeping our content fresh, and some ways of combating them.