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6 Books Every Writer Should Have on His/Her Bookshelf

Writers know that to write, you need to read, read, read. Not only is it helpful to read in your own genre, but to also get outside of it and read other genres and styles. Read about writing and read good writing.

Any of the following books will boost your writing…but don’t just put them on your shelves – take them down and read them!


Wealthy Web Writer Review: A Premium Course for Online Writers

Wealthy Web Writer review; a premium course for online writersLate last year I was contacted by the American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) and I was offered a 3-month subscription to their Wealthy Web Writer membership site.

Other than Carol Tice’s Freelance Writers Den – which I’ll be reviewing in the near future – I’m not enrolled in any other writing course/site and I can count the number of eBooks I’ve read on writing for a living online.  I was very excited at the opportunity to check out Wealthy Web Writer and here’s my opinion of it below.

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Content Research – Things You Need to Know as a Writer

Guest post by Jawad Khan

With so many people leaving their jobs over the past few years, either by choice or forcefully, and the scope of freelance writing increasing every day, it’s only natural that more and more people are adopting freelance content writing as a full-time profession. That obviously means that the field is getting competitive as well. Clients have many more quality writers to choose from than they had a couple of years ago.

What, however, makes a writer stand apart, even in this competition, is the comprehensiveness of his content and the depth of his knowledge on his client’s niche. This is why thorough research and preparation before developing content on any niche has become much more important for writers these days. A well-researched article that gives value to the readers will not only stand out from the average stuff being written, but also has much better chances of getting recommended by people on the internet and getting shared on various social networks.

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The 3 Simple Principles behind Growing Your Freelance Writing Business

Sometimes, marketing sucks!

And the bad thing is that if you really want to make any headway in your business, you’ve got to be a damn good marketer.

You’ve got to know your business more than anyone else; you’ve got to know your market- what they want, how they think, what they would pay money for, what they would die for.

You’ve got to know how to track your sales, how to create content that converts, how to increase your conversion rates, how to speak the mind of your reader…

You’ve got to know your competitors, the major players in your field, how to infiltrate their massive networks, how to “steal” their traffic, readers and clients and how to get them to promote you.

The bottom line is…

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Everything I Know About Freelance Writing I Learned Inside a Nightclub

Everything I know about freelance writing I learned inside a nightclub. Is this true? Did I really? Or is it just a trick to get you to read this article? Well, a little bit of both, to be honest.

Nightclubs are  funny places for many reasons. You can witness a whole range of human behaviour there. Not only individual behaviours, but also some group characteristics.

But you know what, let me just skip the boring introduction and get straight down to business. No one likes to waste time, especially when some clubbing is involved.