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Why It’s Important For Writers to Have Deadlines

When I hear the word deadlines my heart skips a beat. Do you know why? It’s because I know that I have to pull out all stops, focus and work like crazy to complete any writing assignments that I’m working on.

Writers like myself need deadlines. Without having a specific date to work to, I tend to waste time. I have a million and one things to do throughout the day and night. I’ve got a family to look after, church to attend, students teach, house to manage and the list goes on. One my classic excuse is that, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Tomorrow comes and something else crops up. Then I find myself panicking and rushing around trying to fit in all the tasks I need to complete.

Can I tell you a little secret? When I was asked for my contributor post for this month, I didn’t know what to write about. I was thinking aloud and my daughter heard me. Cleverly, she came up with a brilliant topic which was really aimed at benefiting me.

She said, “Mum, why don’t you write about keeping deadlines? It will help you because you can use the ideas you share to discipline yourself.” Wow! She knows me too well.

If you’re like me who understands the meaning of deadlines but don’t implement it, this article is for you.


Looking for a Framework for Writing Web-Optimized Articles? Here’s One (Just 5 Steps)

“Easy reading is damn hard writing” – you’ve probably seen this quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne once or twice before (or was it Ernest Hemingway?).

The most basic fact about being a writer is that crafting a decent piece always requires much work, dedication and, at the same time, peace of mind.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re a freelance writer, a blogger, a magazine writer, or anyone else with “writing” in their job description. The general rules still apply.

That being said, the individual types of writing differ a lot, and you need to keep the individual guidelines in mind if you want your work to be enjoyable and easy to digest.

So this guide is about online writing – writing articles/posts meant to be published on the web.

Even though there are probably dozens of rules regarding this topic, I’m only going to present 5 steps that combine into one of the possible frameworks for a proper online article. With a bit of luck, it will lead you from a blank screen – all the way to a finished web-optimized article (this isn’t about SEO, by the way).

Of course, feel free to tweak these steps to reflect your own style of writing and to make it compliant with the topic you’re writing about. Also, this is just one of the possible approaches, so it might not always be applicable.