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Writing With NO Introduction – Easier, Faster, Better

Tell me, do you like writing lengthy introductions for your posts/articles? Scratch that, like is not the most appropriate word. Here’s a better question: Do you tend to write lengthy introductions for your posts? I know I did. Not any more, though. Currently, I try to write no introductions for my articles at all, and I advise you to […]

How to Write Well

Guest post by George Benhorn Nothing will help you build your fan base on the Web faster than learning to write well. And nothing can place bigger obstacles in your path than writing that’s laced with awkward phrasing, misspellings, grammar mistakes, and poor word choices. What’s a young blogger to do? Here are some tips I’ve […]

A Special Way to Get Started in the New Year

Taking a look at the archives of this blog, we’ve published 462 posts and 46 pages so far. That’s at least 500 pages of valuable content from me, various guest bloggers, and the WritersinCharge team in a little over 2 years. Furthermore, over 16,800 comments have been made here on WritersinCharge since its inception; that’s […]

The Shocking Truth About Writing For Money

You’re probably a rich freelance writer with lots of clients and a fat bank account. You make so much money that even your dog can smell the wealth. Well, good for you! This was the case with Larry, a 21 year old freelance writer who was making a killing online. He had a few big […]

Challenge Report #2: Getting My First Client and Important Lessons

Just 2 months ago, I decided to test everything I’ve been preaching on this blog for the past two years by starting a public challenge. The idea behind the challenge was to start a brand new blog, with a new identity and without using my connections or anything I’ve gained in the past 2 years. […]


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