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4 Ways To Double The Quality Of Your Writing Overnight

Guest post by Logan Marshall It is 3 am. The air is hot. Inside an old barn, Frank hovers over a large, intricate machine. Sweating. Illuminated by a single flickering candle. He looks tired. Borderline insane. His long wiry hair a mess, a manic smile stretching across his face… Outside, unknown to Frank, a SWAT team […]

Charge More! 5 Ways to Reach More Clients While Raising Your Prices

This is a “one-of-a-kind” guest post by Shane Melaugh, who runs a small software development company and writes about growing online businesses on imimpact.com. Your content is valuable and your time is valuable, but your clients love a bargain. How can you get paid more for your work and reach new clients at the same […]

Tom Ewer shares what it Takes to be a Successful Freelance Blogger

A great way to succeed as a freelance writer is by specializing and focusing. Tom Ewer is a master at that. He’s mastered the art of freelance blogging and he now averages at least $4,000 online every month by freelance blogging. Tom recently released what I’d like to call “The Ultimate Guide to being a […]

How to Juggle Writing and Other Essential Commitments

“I’m not superwoman. The reality of life is that I’m juggling a lot of balls in the air. And sometimes some of the balls get dropped.” ~ Cherie Blair Writing is my passion. But I must admit it’s not easy. I have to juggle between being a freelance writer, a teacher, a mom and an active church […]

How Confidence Can Make All the Difference to Your Freelance Writing Career

Today’s guest post is from Tom Ewer, a very successful freelance blogger. Tom just launched what I think is the ultimate guide to being a successful freelance blogger, and a guide I think you should check out! — Are you a writer? Let me tell you something — you’re better than you think you are. […]


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