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Insecurity: How Freelance Writers Can Cope With Uncertainty

I was crazily in love with the idea of having high paying clients… The desire was so intense that I even started to dream about them. Lo and behold, I opened my email one day and saw two emails from two different clients. One was offering a huge $5 per article project, while the other […]

7 Reasons Why Your Writing Skills Aren’t Improving

Guest post by Abass Just as you wouldn’t pay a huge price for a substandard product or service, no client will ever pay you well for writing crap – and that’s if you’re lucky to attract one in the first place. So if you really want to make money – real money, not crumbs – […]

The Writer’s Guide to Overcoming Tech Problems

“Who do you go to for technical support?” – Rob Today’s question is from Rob and it’ll be addressing a major problem most writers face – getting tech help. Since I’m still very young, I believe I’m not far behind when it comes to handling basic tech issues online, but I’m also not a genius […]

Challenge Update #3: My First Report

It’s been a little over a month now since I decided to get in the trenches, build a new blog from scratch and prove it’s possible to build a successful, blogging-based freelance writing business based on the tips I give on this blog – in less than 6 months. A lot of things have happened […]

How To Build Confidence in Your Writing Ability

I once read a story about Mr. Daly, a poor farmer, his wife and their three kids. As a last ditch effort to save his farm, Mr. Daly spent his last few dollars to buy some new laying-chickens so he could sell their eggs to make ends meet. However, when the delivery guy came to […]


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