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Do You Make These Writing Mistakes? Punctuation: 2

Over the past few days we’ve been looking closely at some frequent writing mistakes writers make. We’ve established that both native and non-native English speakers have trouble with the English Language and with punctuation. We looked at writing tone, apostrophes, and other punctuation marks in previous articles. Today we’ll tackle the colon, the semi-colon and […]

Do You Make These Writing Mistakes? Punctuation: 1

Do you make these writing mistakes with punctuation? In most older British and American education systems, grammar and punctuation were taught as a separate subject (not just one lesson during an English period). This means that if – like me – you grew up in a British colony (where older forms of the British education […]

Do You Make These Writing Mistakes? The Apostrophe

Do you make these writing mistakes with the apostrophe? It’s prudent to follow-up this grammar and punctuation series with an article about the elusive apostrophe. Even here in England, where it’s claimed the English language was first put together in the way we use it today, people find it difficult to use apostrophes properly. The […]

Do You Make These Writing Mistakes? Writing Tone

Do you make these writing mistakes below? I’m sure you do. We’re all guilty. We’re putting together a definitive series of articles to show you some glaring mistakes you should avoid making when writing for the Internet. Most of these articles will deal with word-usage, editing (my speciality), punctuation, grammar etc. This introductory piece was created […]

A New Series to Help Writers Improve their Use of English Language

I was a little surprised when Oni told me what the top query from freelance writers was. In fact, my surprise was compounded when he said that the recurring question came from both native and non-native English speakers. Fortunately, Oni and I can both (in different ways) completely understand this question from our unique perspectives. […]


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