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How to Cut Your Chances Of Being Published In Half

Do you write guest posts for other blogs but can’t seem to get anyone to say yes? This is the first blogging lesson designed specifically to make your life twice as hard, cut your back-links by half, and reduce your potential earnings by as much as fifty percent. If you’re already engaging the elements below, congratulations, you’re well on your way to sabotaging yourself! Before we begin this course, let’s look at a life lesson that will change your motoring habits forever.

Do you know the best way to halve your car’s chance of getting scratched while parked at a public car park? Forget parking close to the entrance! If you want to cut the chances of your car being scratched by as much as half, park next to a wall or a pillar. Now I’ve said it to you this makes perfect sense, right? This is no magic formula. If you make it difficult for people to get round one side of your car, they can’t scratch it.

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The Simple Secret That Drives Traffic To Your Blog

This guest post is by Joe Pawlikowski

You try not to worry about it. You’re creating quality material and you’re working on becoming better. You’ve read Onibalusi’s writing tips and you’re on the right track. But there’s one thing that continues to nag you. And so you take a break from your writing and check your Google Analytics. It stares you in the face, mocking you until you finally close the window. Eventually you accept the sad reality.

Your traffic numbers are abysmal.

It’s OK, you tell yourself. Building a high-traffic blog takes months, even years. You’re still working on things, putting them together. Eventually everything will come together. Right?

Maybe not.

If you’ve been plugging away at your blog for months and still haven’t seen results, there’s a chance that you’re merely treading water. You’re writing things that people might read from time to time, but it will never lead to high-traffic success. In other words, you’re ignoring the secret to building a high-traffic blog.

What’s the secret, you ask? It’s something simple and fundamental. When I spell it out in big block letters, you might bop yourself on the head. The secret to creating a high-traffic blog is…

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12 Highly Successful Non-Native English Freelance Writers

I received the following question from Ioana-Monica, a WritersinCharge reader, some time ago:

Well, the fact that I’m not a native English speaker makes me doubt the possible success I could have in the freelancing world. Most of the blogs for writers that I follow are owned by native English speakers, so I guess I would love to read about freelancers who made it and have English as a second language.

After reading Ioana’s question, I realized something important; she isn’t the only one who has this question.

With the online writing space becoming increasingly competitive each day, coupled with the difficulty of finding work – even for native English speakers, is it really possible to make money writing online as a non-native English speaker?

Of course, the purpose of this blog is to help freelance writers from all over the world make a living online and I’m a non-native English speaker myself. If my example isn’t convincing enough, here are a few more non-native English freelance writers making a living writing online.

Most of these writers make 4 figures a month and some make more. They are real examples of successful non-native English writers who can inspire you to take your game to the next level.

This list was compiled by the WritersinCharge team and you can expect to see more quality stuff like this in the future. Enjoy!

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7 Warning Signs You’re Dealing with Your Worst Client Ever

I’ve been freelancing for almost 2 years now and within this time I’ve had my own fair share of ‘worst clients’.

While most of my clients are very passionate about what they do and are positive about what I can do to help their business, some very poor ones come along the way.

It’s usually very obvious when a potential ‘worst client’ comes along, but it’s natural to ignore the warning signs because I want to boost my client portfolio and earn more.

After considering my experience and that of others around me, I’ve noticed that there are danger-signs clients you don’t want to work with.

Here are 7 warning signs you don’t want to work with a particular client:


The Winners of the Writing Cartoon Contest are…

A few weeks ago I announced a contest here on WritersinCharge asking you for your ideas to help create a perfect writing cartoon.

There were a lot of entries (over 50) and I was impressed by the cleverness and creativity of WritersinCharge readers. In fact, someone went the extra mile and drew an illustration to explain his idea.

You guys rock!

There were entries from various parts of the world and I really appreciate every entry. In fact, it was damn difficult to decide the winning entry.