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Four Tactics Every Freelance Writer Should Use For Meeting Deadlines

This contributor post by Lanre Solarin was supposed to go live last week Friday, but it’s being published late due to WritersinCharge’s migration to Hostgator last week. Enjoy! As I wrote a guest post for a new, high-paying client, a tear rolled down my cheek. Then more followed…. I cried – and yet, I still kept […]

Time Management for Freelance Writers…You Thought It’s Going to Be Easy?

Here at WritersinCharge you can find a vast array of advice on different aspects of being a freelance writer; turning your passion into a career; and earning a living (how to find clients, how to bill them, and so on). This post, however, is not about making a living, it’s about staying alive, more or less. I […]

20 Must Have Tools for Freelance Writers

Guest post by Gregory Ciotti of Bidsketch. “Oh brother, another big resource + list post!” Hold on just a second there: I actually agree with you! The mega-list post is a archetype that has been done to death, but utility still remains in this classic content style. This comes in the form of highly specific lists for beginners – or […]

Writers’ Fantasies #1: The BIG Secret

This is the first episode of the WritersinCharge cartoon series, Writers’ Fantasies. This episode talks about the BIG secret to getting clients as a freelance writer. New cartoons will be released every week, on Wednesdays. You can be emailed automatically when a new cartoon is released by subscribing via this page. Below each cartoon, you’ll find a link to embed […]

The Low-Budget Guide to Marketing Your Blog as a Freelance Writer

Due to recent problems with my former host, WritersinCharge moved to Hostgator last week. Unfortunately, to avoid losing blog posts and files during the transfer we decided not to publish any post. That explains why there was no post on WritersinCharge throughout last week and Yesterday. We’re now back on track and this week will be […]


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