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The #1 Secret Of High-Earning Freelance Writers That’ll Make You Rich

This is a guest post by Ali Do you know what the biggest hurdle in your way to success is? Your brain! It won’t let you achieve your goals when it brings up every kind of niggle and negative issue in your mind. We’ll get back to these suspicions and fears shortly, but let me […]

Contest: Win $500 in Cash by Giving Your Idea

PS. The contest is now over, so no more entries can be allowed. All the ideas submitted were great, and I’m now working with my designer to create 2 – 3 different characters based on the winning ideas. The WritersinCharge audience will soon have to vote the best idea for us to determine the winner. […]

How To Write a Kick-Ass Online Interview

This guest post is written by Shane Lee.  Conducting online interviews in your niche provides many benefits to the average blog owner. You get a direct boost in traffic, build up a network in your industry, and add variety to your blog. In fact, some bloggers have even developed entire blogs devoted to online interviews. […]

The Smart Freelance Writer’s Guide to Raising Rates

Finally, after months and months of trying, when you’re about to give up – you get your first client. At first, you were determined to charge what you’re worth but then you decided to cut your client some slack since she would be your first. Or better yet, you got that great client you’ve enjoyed […]

Why Being Intimidated By Others Can Hinder Your Success As A Writer

This is a guest post by Thuy Yau. It addresses something I think is the most important factor hindering a lot of writers. If you find it difficult to get started as a writer but don’t know what’s hindering you, read this article! Words cannot describe the sense of accomplishment I feel at being a […]


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