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7 Ways to Write Clear, Attentive Content without Resorting to Fillers and Fluff

This is a guest post by Samantha I have read lots of articles over the years that have been full of fluff. In fact, that includes some of my own articles. I’ve had my fair share of 700 word articles that could have been cut down to 300 words producing a more coherent, readable, and […]

The Secret to Making Your Writing Stand Out Online

This guest post is awesomely written by Logan Marshall, who you should check out by the way! In an attempt to hide the fact that we were all 98 pound weaklings, my friends and I used to challenge each other to see who was the bigger man. We took it to the extreme. We scaled […]

How Desperate Are You to Fail?

I came across a video on Youtube today, and it got me thinking. What if success is all about failing? Come to think about it, each success is about failing at the right time (and the right amount of times). I’ll make a good case study in regards to this. A lot of people read […]

How to Leverage Other People’s Writing to Make Money

This is a guest post by SR Connell There’s an age-old expression that is as true as it is powerful: no man is an island. Most of our ambitions in life can’t be achieved alone; whether they’re dreams of a family, a house with a little white picket fence, or anything else. People who live […]


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