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How Danny Iny Launched a Successful Blog in a Year and Partnered with Brian Clark and Guy Kawasaki

I’m so excited to bring Danny Iny here today as a guest! Danny is the founder of Firepole Marketing. He recently co-authored a book with several big name bloggers, and he has been dominating the blogosphere for a while now. I’m one of the contributors to Danny’s Engagement from Scratch book.  I’ve been following his […]

Let Danny Iny Teach You to Write like Freddy

I’ve been writing about guest blogging for almost a week now because I think it should be an essential part of the career of any writer online. One thing I’ve always placed emphasis on, though, is that guest blogging without a plan will always lead to failure. My friend from Firepole Marketing, Danny Iny, just […]

3 Smart Ways to Use Guest Blogging to Grow Your Blog

Are you using guest blogging at all? Are you using it to its full potential? Guest blogging started in the blogosphere. It was only used by bloggers then, and a lot of people have seen how powerful it is. The problem is, a lot of people believe guest blogging is no longer effective. They don’t […]

A Fail-proof Formula to Writing Guest Posts Bloggers Can’t Reject

Does that formula even exist? You know the one I’m talking about; that one that ensures your guest post is always accepted on any blog whose owner you contact. I used to think it doesn’t, until I discovered it does exist. I have been writing guest posts for over two years now, I’ve made several […]

5 Mistakes Almost Every Guest Blogger Makes, that You Should Avoid

Guest blogging is one of my favorite tactics online. I kind of have a relationship with it, and I’ve been able to master some things about guest blogging over the years. I’ll be talking about guest blogging in the next few posts published on this blog. I’ll give you tips to help you kick-start your […]


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