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How to Start Freelance Writing

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I was answering a pile of emails today when I noticed a really touching question. This question made me think and really ponder on the tips I give here. While most of them are practical, hardly any of them is really useful for the beginner and confused freelance writer.

How do You Really Get Started as a Freelance Writer?

You’ve probably read a lot of quality freelance writing tips on other blogs. You’ve also read success stories from other freelance writers and you’ve probably given some of the tips a try, but you just can’t seem to move beyond where you are. Worse still, you’re confused but don’t know who to ask for support.

I have good news for you! With as many practical tips and information as possible, this article will show you how to really get started as a freelance writer.


14 Tools that Make me Super-Productive as a Writer

my top productivity toolsI’m currently in the process of writing an e-Book, which I plan to release very soon. I want it to be the ultimate guide when it comes to writing online. Before the release of my book, I want to share some of the top tools that make me super productive. Below are 14 tools I use as a writer, which I think lots of other writers could benefit from.

I’ll be adding a few more tools as I discover them. The e-Book is loaded with a lot more tips for writers, so make sure you stay tuned for its release. It will be available for free, albeit to subscribers only, and it should be released sometimes next week, so stay tuned!