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5 Writing Quotes to Supercharge Your Day

┬áThis is a guest post by Gregory of Sparring Mind. A lot of great things have been said about writing. This would seemingly be appropriate, as writers are supposed to be the ones who put into words things that affects us. As writers, our words can inspire, anger, provoke, and even bring joy to those […]

How I Write a Complete Article from Scratch

If there is one question I get a lot, it is that of how I write an article from scratch! I have gotten quite a lot of questions about my productivity as a writer, but I’ll say the question of how I write my articles is the second top question I get. In fact, someone […]

23 Quick Actions You Can Do Today to Make Money Writing

When it comes to making money, most of us are used to the traditional idea of going to school and getting a degree to be able to get a job to put food on our table. With the increased rate of unemployment we’re experiencing in various parts of the world, a lot more people are […]


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