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How to Make Thousands of Dollars Monthly by Writing Guest Posts

Ever since transitioning this blog to teaching writers how to make more money, I have decided to be sharing a lot of great tactics working for me, even if I don’t feel comfortable doing that. One major thing I have observed when it comes to making money writing (or making money online for that matter), […]

5 Essential Things Top Freelance Writers Invest in to Grow Their Business

Freelance writers, be aware: there is a time for investment, and there’s a right and a wrong way of doing it. Investing is like putting gas in your car, it can bring you to where you want, but it’s never long-lasting. It never was, it never will. You have to continually invest time, money and […]

That CV Won’t Help You Get a Writing Job

I was recently chatting with Dainis from 1stWebDesigner.com, a friend and one of my clients, on Skype recently when we started talking about a freelance writing job offer he posted online recently. Dainis talked about getting over 250 emails from prospective freelance writers interested in getting the job and that out of all those 250 […]

My Income and Traffic Report – August 2011

It is time for another monthly income and traffic report. This is currently the ninth monthly income and traffic report on this blog. I have been publishing my income and traffic report on this blog as well as what I learned in the process and the journey has been great so far. The main aim […]

Guest Blogging: It’s all about fitting in

This is a guest post by Amanda. The blog world tends to pick up new and exciting trends with unerring accuracy. One such trend is that of guest blogging. A guest blogger is someone who is invited to write a post for another blog. Typically the guest blogger blogs elsewhere on topics related to the […]


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