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How to Blog Effectively while on Vacation

This is a guest post by Bojan. So are you getting to that vacation? Finally you have the chance of hitting the seaside and leaving your usual daily routine.  It’s gonna be an exciting two weeks of relaxation, everything is gonna be smooth and perfect, but…

Case Study: An Inside Look into My Most Successful Guest Posts

You’ve probably been reading a lot lately about guest blogging and everybody keeps on preaching how effective it is, including those who have hardly ever used it. Since the main aim of this blog is to teach you how to write for traffic and money it is my duty to regularly show you effective ways […]

My Income and Traffic Report – July 2011

July was another great month for this blog and I’m very happy with my blogging journey so far. If you’re new to this blog, since WritersinCharge is a blog that teaches you how to write for traffic and money I publish my income and traffic report every month to show you where I am. The […]

10 Productivity Tips for Writers

It is very important to know that, sometimes, as writers, the amount we make will be determined by how productive we are. This also applies to bloggers and other creative people because if you can finish that same work in less than half the period it usually takes, you can spend the time saved doing […]

The 9 Challenges of a Freelance Writer

I’ve been a freelance writer for 8 months now and I’ve been loving every moment of it. That’s not to say being a freelance writer doesn’t have its own challenges. When a lot of people read my income reports and see me making 4 figures from writing every month they start sending me emails asking […]


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