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9 Ways to Find Freelance Writing Clients Who Will Actually Pay You

This guest article is written by veteran freelance writer Sarah Russell. Over the past month, Onibalusi has shared a ton of great information about working as a freelance writer – including everything from writer productivity tips to freelance writing challenges to some of the lessons he’s learned working as a freelance writer. (And seriously – […]

What are Your Biggest Challenges as a Freelance Writer?

I’m currently in talks with my designers and a new WritersinCharge design will be out soon (in the next 2 weeks I presume) that better showcases this blog and its community. I have timed a lot of my activities to be after the new design is live and as a result I’ve been planning and […]

Blokube Premium: Getting the Extra Attention for Your Articles

A few months ago I reviewed a great service by my friend Devesh called Blokube. It is a social blogmarking site that helps bloggers connect with each other and get that extra exposure for their articles.

Why You Might Never EVER Make Money as a Freelance Writer

If you’re reading this blog, and especially this article, then there’s every probability you’re a writer who wants to leverage the power of the internet to build a successful business. Without doubt, there are countless ways to make money online but there is no one-size-fits all solution to building a successful online business.

9 Essential Lessons I’ve Learned in 8 Months of Writing for Income

Time flies really quick and it’s funny how much one can do in such a short period of time. I was the last person to imagine that freelance writing will be such a great part of my life – I didn’t even have any plan for it to be a long-term business, but I’m growing […]


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