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Get Out of Mom’s Basement

Not too long ago, admitting that you were moving back in with your parents after graduating from college was a red flag. For everyone. Girlfriends, perspective employers, family members, friends – they’d all raise an eyebrow or worse, reply with an incredulous “Oh…really?” at the mere mention. But, oh, how times have changed. High unemployment […]

How to Write Great Content When You Don’t Feel like It

If you’ve been reading blogs online for some time now, you will know that people always have varied opinions. When I started blogging, I battled with creating great content for my readers on a consistent basis, and whenever I try to research to find a solution to my problem I came across at least two […]

My Income and Traffic Report – June 2011

Since this is another new month, I’m very happy to be sharing my income and traffic report for the month of June with you. If you’ve been following WritersinCharge for sometimes now you will notice I have the habit of displaying my income and traffic report at the end of every month. This particular act […]

5 Very Important Blogging Lessons You Can Learn from Listening to Eminem

This is a guest post by Brandon Yanofsky. “I am who I am and I say what I think. I’m not putting a face on for the record.” -Eminem Whether you love or hate his music, you have to admit: Eminem knows how to truly connect with his audience. Just look at the numbers of […]

Website Flipping Guide: How to Make Money Flipping Websites for Profit

Do you know that there are countless ways you can make money online? Of all the ways with which one can make money online, flipping a website can be the best approach to follow. Just so you know how the approach works. Imagine yourself starting a website in a particular niche and then focusing all […]


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