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Why Guest Blogging is More Powerful than You Think

Before I continue with this article, I’d like you to know that I hired an expert to do a critique of this blog, because I knew something was deeply wrong with it – so a lot of changes will be going on soon, one of which will be to change the focus of my articles […]

Sink or Swim? It’s Your Choice

If you believed all of those internet ‘Get Rick Quick’ gurus, you can make a huge amount of money online by cutting corners and only working 10 hours a week. The truth is: these people make the majority of their income from pushing these awful e-books and courses to people who are new to working […]

101 Reasons Your Blog is making 0 Dollars

This is a guest post by Moon. Ever wonder why you aren’t generating any income from your blog?  Please only read this list if you are ready for the harsh truths: You’re blogging without a purpose You think your posts will go viral & you will run into fame & fortune You’re not expanding your […]

Should Bloggers be on Google Plus?

With all the noise circulating the web about Google plus lately I think it is important for you to calculate your steps wisely and see if you’re making the right decisions as a blogger. Since building a successful blog is all about knowing where your audience is and spending the most of your time there, […]

Niche Domination – The Million Dollar Keyword Strategy

This guest post is by Joe. If you have not read my article on niche domination you are missing a lot. We have 100% of our people implementing this strategy who advanced from page rank 0 to page rank 2 and 3 within 45 days. These are all new blogs (less than 6 months) and […]


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