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Why I Failed Over and Over Again before Making Money Online (and How Not to do The Same)

One thing I keep on observing on this blog and other blogs like mine is that we keep on telling you how we succeed without telling you how we failed. The truth is, sometimes you really have to fail before you succeed, but failure isn’t always necessary, not if you can learn from someone who’s […]

5 Ways to Attract and Generate Leads through Link Building

This is a guest post by Jason. Link building is a process in search engine optimization, which is intended to make a site popular through links from other websites directing to the page(s) being optimized to have higher search rankings. Basically, the quality and quantity of links on the web pointing to a certain website/page […]

How To Strike Keyword Gold

This is a guest post by Tim Arends. Choosing keywords have been likened to panning for gold. You will get a lot of dust, dirt and sand and, if you do it right, a few golden flakes. Searching for the right keywords is a lot like this. One critical factor in choosing keywords is going […]

How to Write Content That Gets Read

I’ve been blogging for over a year now and within this period I have written hundreds of blog posts, I have written hundreds of guest posts and I have read and observed a lot of great posts on other blogs. I have also received a lot of emails, I have sent a lot of emails […]

How I Made 5000 Dollars Online in One Month by Writing for Others

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately from people wanting to know how I make money writing, because it is evident from my income reports that the bulk of my income comes from writing for others. To some people, making thousands of dollars every month just by writing seems almost impossible. Before I continue, […]


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