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How to Really Ensure You Fail as an Entrepreneur

bAs an entrepreneur there are only two options, it’s either you fail or you succeed. Many people so much underestimate failure that they keeping on reading articles on how to succeed without giving a damn about how to fail. You might think that is right and that it is helping you develop a positive attitude […]

How to Get Traffic to Your Blog from Stumbleupon

Traffic is one of the most important things every blogger will need. Even though conversion is very important when it comes to getting results there won’t be any conversion without traffic. Stumbleupon traffic isn’t really the best traffic for a blogger due to the low conversion it results in and the 2 seconds the resulting […]

Why Pursuing Your Passion is Not Enough

This is a guest post by Mighty Rasing. I’m sure you’ve heard this advice a million times already: “Pursue your passion.” I, myself, have written about that and encouraged people to capitalize on their passion and build their careers and lives around it. Yet, “pursuing your passion” is overrated. Or at least, it is only […]

How to Improve and Skyrocket Your Link Building with Richard Patterson

My guest today is Richard Patterson from LinkLabs and as someone who has worked with LinkLabs I can tell you they’re a really great and ethical SEO company. I know a number of sites that are already ranking for their top keywords because of the great approach used for them by LinkLabs and I’ve decided […]

How I Built a Thriving Online Business in 12 Months, With Zero Experience

A lot of people have heard about the “simplicity” of the internet lifestyle and “how easy” it is to make a living online. Some of them are tired of living the 9-5 and others are looking for ways to break free from the shackles of unemployment. Making money online is truly possible for everybody irrespective […]


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